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Technical Site Audits

Once we’ve completed your SEO, Keyword & Competitor Audit, the next logical step is to take a look at your site or sites.

Whilst blog content and other forms of digital content such as video, social media noise, infograms are all great for topical content, you still need the rest of your site to carry on functioning as a sales beast.

The audit will ensure your site is doing everything that search engines like Google would like it to.

During the audit we:

  • Apply the findings from the SEO, Keyword & Competitor Audit to review the appropriateness of your entire site
  • We review your navigation and make recommendation on an improved structure
  • We analyse the site for technical shortcomings which make it harder for Google to ‘see’ your site
  • We ensure you’re using the latest approaches to data mark up so that more of your content can be drawn through to search results.

Typically we might recommend anything from about 25 to 150 new pages you should create in order to capture a wider range of relevant search traffic.

It might take you a while to work through that list, but how refreshing to KNOW that what you’re working on is highly relevant, targeted, and fully aligned with your overall strategy.

Every bit of content you create from this point on, is serving the purpose of giving your visitors what they need, and propelling you up the search engine rankings.

Not bad, eh?

Shout if you’d like to get this sorted.