Quick fix or digital revolution?

We love nothing more than to walk alongside you and your organisation for just as long as it takes to give you the digital marketing independence you need, and a boost in sales and convertible enquiries to boot.

Whether you're patching things up and making do with what you have, or you're about to embark on a new website or significant period of investment in your digital presence, we've got your back.

Welcome to Disquiet Dog. We're a full-service digital marketing consultancy and agency for the education, leisure and tourism sector. What do you need?

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Things you can do with Disquiet Dog

Book a 1-hour or 3-hour support sessionDigital Consultancy Services

A quick one-off session to pinpoint where you're at, challenge and support you, and provide a digital marketing strategy outline.

Find an SEO or digital marketing keynote speaker for your webinar or conferenceSEO or digital marketing keynote

Each talk or workshop session is customised to your audience, their needs, and knowledge levels.

Book onto a digital marketing courseDigital Marketing Course

We can train your team in a wide range of digital marketing disciplines. What do you need?

Commission digital marketing auditsDigital Consultancy Services

The cornerstone of every digital marketing strategy, and critical as part of any due diligence activity.

Find a content creation solutionDigital Consultancy Services

If you're going to stand out online, you're going to need content, whether that's video, audio or the spoken word.

Organise monthly digital marketing supportDigital Consultancy Services

We empower you to do it yourself (if you want to) through monthly support and knowledge transfer.

Read our self-helpful blog articlesDigital Consultancy Services

Up to the minute comment, tips and support on the subject of digital marketing for your sector.

Speak to a friendly human beingDigital Consultancy Services

Best of all, bite the bullet and get in touch. We'll listen carefully, and see where we can help.

Plug us in at the level you need us

Industry level

For organisations such as
  • IALC logo
  • English UK logo
  • British Council logo
  • StudyWorld logo
  • The English Network

We deliver challenging yet uplifting keynotes and workshops, thought leadership and consultancy to the education and training sector. Our clients include governmental bodies, trade and quality bodies, and membership organisations.

Keynotes and large group training on digital

Good communicator. Authority over subject matter without arrogance. Some very helpful insights. Provocative. Very informative and entertaining. Excellent speaker. Great presentation with some excellent ideas.

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Richard Bradford being interviewed by English UK.

ELT digital marketing bootcamp open programme

Richard and Mar were constantly open to adapting their content according to the needs of the students. Would I recommend it to anyone thinking of booking on the next one? Absolutely do so – it exceeded my expectations.

Felix O’Leary, Wimbledon School of English
Photo of Felix O’Leary

Organisation level: Senior leadership

For organisations such as
  • Wimbledon School of English logo

We support and challenge senior leadership teams through consultancy and high-level team training. We’ve worked with FE colleges, international language schools, executive training providers, and leadership and management institutes. Here’s what they think…

Vision, mission and values development

Disquiet Dog’s innovative approach to vision, mission and strategic objectives significantly improved stakeholder engagement in the college.

Paul Riley, Principal, Worthing College
Photo of Paul Riley
The front cover, back cover, and an interior spread from Worthing College's A4 ‘mission and vision' booklet.

Full digital strategy delivered via monthly support

What I really like about Disquiet Dog’s approach is that it is enabling us and empowering us to do more ourselves. In our first year of working with Disquiet Dog, we generated a 608% return on marketing spend.

Janice McBrown, Head of Marketing, Roffey Park Institute
Photo of Janice McBrown
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A sculpture in the grounds of Roffey Park, of a nude female figure with arms thrown wide open to the sky.

SEO and content strategy development and deployment

On average we have tended to get around a tenfold return on our investment from Disquiet Dog, which is why we keep working with them!

Joe Samuel, Director, The Maydays
Photo of Joe Samuel

Organisation level: Sales and marketing team

For organisations such as
  • ELC Brighton and Eastbourne logo

Using our One Digital Team approach, we combine forces to deliver strategic and tactical marketing work. Here are just a few examples…

Custom training courses for digital marketing

Disquiet Dog are absolutely fantastic as trainers. Today doubled up as a bit of a team building exercise for us. There are some really great new ideas that we want to get out and try. We’re all leaving today feeling enthusiastic and ready to go.

Laura Hutchings, Marketing Director, Stonyhurst College
Photo of Laura Hutchings
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An aerial view of Stonyhurst College with its extensive lawn and gardens in front.

Video production

Disquiet Dog have supported us in many ways over the years, from technical audits to monthly support. We have used their video production services on several occasions. We’re so happy with both the quality and content of the videos – they really feel like ‘us’.

Phil Hopkins, CEO, ELC Brighton & Eastbourne
Photo of Phil Hopkins

Monthly support to get the website home and dry

It was a pleasure to work with them all and Richard’s wisdom is infinite – we have a lot to thank them for.

Emma Hoyle, Director of Marketing, LSI Portsmouth
Photo of Emma Hoyle