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How to tell when you need a new website

A photo of a millennial-aged girl holding a phone but looking quizzically into the camera, as if to say
By Jimmy Leach,

We look at the tell-tale signs your website is ready for some sort of renewal. It should never be a burden, to you or your customers. That's really not why it's there.

How to create a personal brand for the CEO

A photo of a man with white hair and beard wearing a white suit looking confidently, if a little arrogantly, down the lens of the camera to us. He is sitting in a designer chair with the ankle of one leg resting on the knee of the other and he's leaning back slightly. This photos is being used to suggest some CEOs may be a little too confident in their ability to be the face of a company.
By Jimmy Leach,

So the boss wants to front your social media and be the brand? We look at how to create a personal brand for your CEO and your organisation. Top tip: tread carefully!!

Content writing for a school or college website

a photo of the interior upper-floor landing of a modern school building. To the left is a staircase rising up to the floor, the walls are redbrick and the colours muted.
By Adrian Hemsley,

Content marketing: Old friend of Disquiet Dog, Adrian Hemsley, sums up what's important when you're tasked with content writing for a school or college website. Some great pointers here which will be quick to adopt.

Can your audience make TikTok work for you?

Two people in their late teens or early twenties laughing as they looks into a red phone. The image was selected as it looks like they could be recording a TikTok together.
By Jimmy Leach,

Social media: how to do TikTok for your international language school when it's the last thing you'd look at yourself, and you're the wrong person to contemplate creating the content.

How much does a new website cost?

A photo of a woman looking frustrated at her own laptop, which is to symbolise the issue that websites can sometimes cost more to redevelop than you'd expect. The woman is wearing a blue-grey cardigan over a bright white t-shirt, and is sitting in a comfortable home lounge environment with pale tones.
By Richard Bradford,

Here we attempt to answer the ultimate 'how long is a piece of string?' question with some actual numbers!

Branding: Make sure your brand values are sincere

A beautiful rare breed cat, a Mekongsky Bobtail sits amongst an interior of European architecture on retro vintage chic royal armchair. This is a reference which is picked up in the article about branding, and what your values as an organisation might be.
By Jimmy Leach,

Being true to your brand goes beyond what the boss believes. Those values need to permeate deeper into the organisation if you're to be taken seriously and remain profitable.