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It's important to stop and think alongside doing the doing. If anything here sparks joy, please like or share it, or let us know. If you hoped to find something specific, let us know and we'll write it just for you.

How easy is it to diversify in ELT?

As attention turns to diversification, we urge a note of caution. It's great to thing big and imagine complete change, but in reality, the chances are your most successful new thing will be an incremental shift from what you're already known and sought out for.

The Lean route to digital delivery

Lean manufacturing provides a different lens with which to look at how education providers might iterate new products and bring them successfully to market. Jimmy wastes no time in wading in.

Tips for managing your teams remotely

It will have been an upheaval to get some semblance of normal into your remote working teams. Now is a good time to check you're doing this as smartly as possible. How do you fare with our six top tips? What could you improve for now and the future of work?

Can you promote your new digital programmes direct to customers?

As an ELT education provider, how can you start promoting your new online options, in an already crowded marketplace, if you never did this before? How can you go straight to your direct clients if your agents don’t want to sell this solution? Jimmy takes a look.