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Should you do organic SEO or buy Google ads?

A close up of the Google Ads logo embossed into high quality paper. The logo is a stylised capital letter A, in green, yellow and blue.
By Jimmy Leach,

It's the squillion dollar question - do you resolutely refuse to dance with the devil which is Google ads, or do you jump in with both feet and start to party? Hint: Long-term, organic is best, but you may need ads to fill the gap.

Why you should use a digital marketing agency

A photograph of multicolour ropes. There are two rings of  rope, each with a number of other colour ropes tied to them, with the lengths of rope forming arms away from the centre. The two rings are joined together with a single red rope. This is being used to signify how and organisation can have many people and connections, and so too a digital agency. The red rope suggestion the connection between agency and organisation.
By Jimmy Leach,

We take another look at the relationship between a digital marketing agency and your organisation, what you should expect from a really good digital marketing agency, and what legacy you'll get from the best ones.

The six steps to keeping your social media safe

A close up photo of a pain brush which has been dipped in bright red paint and which is resting on the paint pot. This is in reference to article in which the relationship between paint company Dulux and football club Tottenham Hotspur got off to a rocky start.
By Jimmy Leach,

Social media: Jimmy takes a look at how to ensure your social media management doesn't come unstuck. Hopefully your social content doesn't go the way of Tottenham Hotspur.

Little and often: Why shorter blog posts can be a winner

A photo of a brass outdoor tap with a drop of water dripping from its spout. The background is blurred, but is suggestive of a dry, dusty desert. The suggestion here is that a drop of content may be more effective than a larger quantity.
By Jimmy Leach,

You're writing for humans but you're also writing for Google to position your content and your organisation more highly up the search engine listings. But if you go long on your content, you risk alienating the very people you hope will buy from you. Here, we look at how to go short, successfully.

Are you mobile enough for Google?

A woman with a lime green T-shirt and bright pink trapezoid shaped earrings is smiling at her mobile phone, taken here to suggest she's pleased with how the website she's viewing is performing on mobile. She's in a pale turquoise background, which makes the pink of her earrings and her T-shirt stand out.
By Jimmy Leach,

Finally, Google is paying more attention to how your content sits on mobile devices, than your desktop version. Make sure you and your organisation are the right side of the fence, and that Google continues to love you.

How to develop your company’s tone of voice

A man with a beard and mohican hair style wearing a yellow T-shirt is looking directly into the camera whilst holding a yellow and white megaphone to his mouth. He's pictured on a plain turquoise background. The image  is being used to suggest a casual tone of voice in corporate communications.
By Jimmy Leach,

Comms: It might well always get relegated to the bottom of your list, but getting your tone of voice right is not that complicated, and you probably have most of it in your head already. Get it down in a form that others can use it, and precious time will be saved.