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Should you dump Twitter?

By Jimmy Leach,

If it's all getting too ugly in the Twitterverse, you may be wondering what your options are. Good news, there are some. But how does it feel when you consider closing down your Twitter account?

The ten principles of marketing to Generation Z

Managing director of Disquiet Dog, Richard Bradford speaks on a panel on Digital Marketing for the Education Industry at the international education event, ICEF Berlin in November 2022
By Jimmy Leach,

Our MD, Richard Bradford, spoke as part of the panel at ICEF Berlin's Digital Day. The focus was on digital marketing to Gen Z. Here are all the things that he may have said, or may have omitted. But this is what he meant!

How to tell when you need a new website

A photo of a millennial-aged girl holding a phone but looking quizzically into the camera, as if to say
By Jimmy Leach,

We look at the tell-tale signs your website is ready for some sort of renewal. It should never be a burden, to you or your customers. That's really not why it's there.

How to create a personal brand for the CEO

A photo of a man with white hair and beard wearing a white suit looking confidently, if a little arrogantly, down the lens of the camera to us. He is sitting in a designer chair with the ankle of one leg resting on the knee of the other and he's leaning back slightly. This photos is being used to suggest some CEOs may be a little too confident in their ability to be the face of a company.
By Jimmy Leach,

So the boss wants to front your social media and be the brand? We look at how to create a personal brand for your CEO and your organisation. Top tip: tread carefully!!