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Is AI assisted content writing the way forward for SEO?

Interview: We catch up with Jasmine Wang, Research Fellow at Partnership on AI & Founder of Copysmith, a company which provides AI assisted copywriting services.

Disquiet Dog / At BrightonSEO this year, there was a bit of chatter about AI-assisted content generation. Should SEOs be worried?

Jasmine Wang / Our vision is not to replace humans, we don’t want a future without us in it and to be frank, they’re an essential part of what we do. With the right input, our goal is to get our output as far as we can get it, to the most advanced state possible and then to hand it back to the user to tweak it if necessary, and to make it the best it can be. Humans validate what the AI does, they create the input for it, they guide it and they determine the strategy it follows, so we don't think there's anything to worry about, and a lot to look forward to.

DD / Some of your content generation is purely AI, whereas some is then checked by a human as we understand it. Can you tell us how it works for the different bundles you offer?

JW / We offer two different tiers of service, the first is for people who want to be more hands on with what Copysmith creates and who want to shape it themselves - these might be agencies or SEO professionals, and there are others who only want a finished product and for that, we have a second tier and our own team of writers who can refine and elevate the output. Right now, only the first tier of service is publicly available. If you're interested in the second, you can reach out to Copysmith directly.

Copysmith Founder, Jasmine Wang

DD / What role do you think AI should play in content writing? What is it doing for us, and what does it still need us to do for ourselves?

JW / We want to be an incredibly useful tool that augments and enhances human insight, creativity and imagination.

Currently, Copysmith presents a range of possible options for Google or Facebook ads, product descriptions, taglines and soon blog posts, that you might not have considered (or might not have time or capacity to consider) and progresses those options to a really advanced state.

Many people have said it writes fantastically well, and some have even said it writes better than they could but it’s still up to you as the human to choose the one that best suits your needs and what you want to accomplish, and to use it effectively as part of a holistic marketing, content or engagement strategy. The name Copysmith is inspired by the idea of forging and shaping raw materials into something useful and beneficial, and ultimately collaboration is our goal.

DD / In what instances do you think AI-assisted content generation might fall foul of Google’s BERT algorithm update which helps the search engine identify natural language processing? How should organisations avoid this?

JW / We don’t want to be used to generate spam, which is why we keep mentioning the idea of human input driving the platform and human creativity and imagination adding the final polish to the output. As long as the content you use our tool for is focused, quality content that answers users' needs, you will not fall afoul of BERT's algorithm. Just appraise the content with your expertise, and if it's not at a level you'd be proud to call yours, tweak it!

DD / What should your clients do to ensure they get the best out of your AI tool? Garbage in, garbage out, right?

JW / Exactly. You as a marketer, content creator, entrepreneur or business owner still need to understand your product or service, be able to explain the benefit of it succinctly and to understand what your customer base is interested in to give Copysmith what it needs to create something that shines and benefits you.

DD / Is AI-assisted content generation all about SEO and saving cost, or is it more than that?

JW / We believe it’s much more than that, especially with the incredible advancements that have been made recently in the field, in terms of GPT-3 and our own research and development. We’re currently working on some incredibly exciting options for marketers and advertisers that we think will fundamentally change the way businesses handle communication and audience engagement and we can’t wait to share more with you.

DD / How do you think Copysmith is different from other online tools?

JW / We’d encourage your readers to try the free trial and find out. Our content reads brilliantly and we think that’s because we fundamentally understand how important humans are to the process. Our content is only as good at what we put in and so we’ve created simple, straightforward prompts that get the best out of our users.

We’re composed of an incredible, diverse team from some of the top universities and research facilities across the world. As founder, I've been directly involved with policy and development at OpenAI, and we work with top writers, content creators, creative directors and industry experts to work out how we can improve and optimise what we do for our users.

DD / What is your ambition for Copysmith?

JW / We want to help creative, imaginative businesses, agencies and people be even more creative and imaginative. We want to augment our users' natural abilities and skills and allow them to do more than they thought was possible, faster than they thought was possible. Today we’re focused on the initial solutions we offer but we’re working on some incredibly exciting advancements that we believe will be of tremendous benefit to everyone who uses them.

DD / What would you like people to say about you?

JW / We’d like them to understand that we are deeply passionate about what we do and what we make as part of your team, which is what we aim to be - a collaborator that uplifts and advances your human goals. In terms of what we’d like them to say, “Wow. That’s incredible.” is always our aim.

You can find out more about Copysmith on their website. Disquiet Dog did not receive any remuneration to publish this interview.