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It's OK, you're in the panic room.

Can someone loosen that belt? Don't crowd them, guys Mar, please get the gin from the cupboard. Virginia, the tonic is in the fridge. Now take a deep breath. It's gonna be OK...


Yes, there is so much to do, all the time. And we know digital marketing isn't even your main job, it's just that you knew more than the others. You'll get through this. Thanks guys, now take a sip, and breathe.


Let's get some perspective

OK, you've just had a digital marketing panic attack. It's not uncommon. Let's take stock of where you are with all of this.

You've seen that there are loads of things you could potentially be doing. They all take time, and they all cost money, and they use up your people. You need to balance digital work against other marketing activities, as well. There are stakeholders who don't see the value, and staff that don't have the time to help. And you're stuck in the middle trying to get it right. Because if you get it wrong, you'll just feed their preconceptions. Right?

And yet you know of competitors and industry colleagues that seem to be getting it more right, getting more direct clients, flourishing. And that's why you keep coming back to digital marketing.

Start from where you're at, not where you want to be

Pulse is steadying.

You're not in the same place as your competition, even if you're offering the same programmes to the same demographic from the same markets. And even if that similar organisation you keep looking at is doing tons of clever digital stuff, you don't have to.

But if you do want to do something, start small, make it measureable.

Plan what you would like the return on investment to look like. So you might just want to get 15 more people onto one of your programmes by this time next year. Let's look at that. You might want 5% more people to book after looking at your Whatsitsname Course page. We can do that too. Now that sounds altogether more manageable, right?

Feeling better?

Well you've got some colour back in your cheeks. You had us worried for a moment. So if you're ready to step back in, here's where you could head to next:

Of course, we could also just have a chat, so you can tell us where you're at. Would that help?