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Digital Consultancy Services for Education & Training

digital consultancy

Digital consultancy: definition

Digital consultancy is the provision of specialist support which complements your in-house team’s skillset to help you progress to a better place digitally.

Some examples of digital consultancy:

Search landscape mapping

Specialised audits are a fundamental part of our digital consultancy work. They help you understand your current search engine positioning and give you a unique content strategy for you to apply using your in-house staff. The most frequently requested solution is when we provide you with 100 suggested article titles which would supply your target market with the information they actually need in order to find you and book online. Audit 1 is our short-hand for the SEO, Keyword & Competitor Audit. This is our recommended starting point for all other work.

Technical website audits

Thorough analysis of your website, so you know what is working, and what isn’t. These audits will not only have the power to pay for themselves within weeks, they will also take the uncertainty out of website development work. We also conduct manual url remapping (to link the pages from your old site through to your new ones) and post-launch audits to ensure your developers delivered you a fully optimised site. Audit 2 is our name for the technical website audit.

Website development

We can provide full-service web development taking you seamlessly from your current site to the successful launch of your new one. When you entrust us with the whole process, we will automatically include Audit 1 and Audit 2 as an integral part of the service. That’s because without these two audits, you don’t actually know why you want to change the site, other than maybe to refresh the design. Since we believe that your website should be your rampaging sales beast, we’re looking for it to appear more highly for relevant searches (so you get more people to your site), and then once they’ve found you we want them to love your brand and course offering, so they move through your site to a successful booking. Our website development services will make sure your site both looks great and also works significantly harder for you.

Social media support

For us, there are three types of social media utterance. First you have the lovely fluffy happy stuff that your potential students want to see – other people being successful, having a great time, living the dream. This is great to demonstrate that you’re still around, doing great stuff, being successful as an organisation. Second, there’s you amplifying some of your more specialist content from your blog – some of the content we’ve recommended you write in Audit 1 which we know will resonate with your target market. Third, is what you say about your students. This is when you tag them in and give them reason to share with their friends the great things you say about them.

With Audit 3, we can achieve for you a powerful alignment between your optimised content and your potential user base. This is where it really gets exciting.

Creative marketing and pr

We have some amazing creative minds who can work with you to come up with compelling and engaging shareable content which will help you to pull in clients from a wider circle. We work with a troupe of award-winning improvisation comedy actors – The Maydays – who can turn their hand to all sorts of situations. And with our video team, we can capture it all and diffuse to the world, speaking of which..

Video Production

Not only do we have several decades’ experience of video production, but we also specifically know how to create video which is effective from a search engine optimisation perspective, and which is highly appropriate to the education sector.

Whatever sort of digital consultancy you’re looking for

Disquiet Dog works alongside your organisation at the pace and intensity which best suits you. We can provide support for as little as a day a month, or with several experts working every day for a period of time. We work with you at a senior level to turn vision and mission into digital strategy, and help you to deliver it.

Everyone at Disquiet Dog is not only proficient in their specific digital marketing field, but they also have their own extensive experience of applying these skills in the field of education. And that is what sets up apart.

Now what?

We’re pretty down to earth, great listeners, and we don’t do pushy sales. Most of our work is through recommendation.

We can either meet at your place, or talk on Skype, to find out about your goals and aspirations, but also your fears and concerns.

The fears are as important as the bold, audacious vision, and we’re used to working with both parts. And let’s face it, most of the worries these days are usually about money, time and people, and not having enough of them. Once we’ve had the initial chat, we’ll come back to you with a summary report and a clearer indication of the options we see for you. That won’t cost a penny. And our solutions will also be illustrated with how they’re going to pay for themselves in the shortest possible time frame.

Get in touch now to book your free 2-hour audit and report? We’d love to hear from you.