Disquiet Dog HQ hijacked by feline interloper

  • Posted by Richard Bradford
  • 01st April 2017

On 1st April, 2017, Disquiet Dog HQ on the south coast of England was infiltrated by a cat burglar. Closed-circuit television equipment captured the moment that the feline interloper broke in and went on a rampage. The crazed cat clearly was in no mood to mess around, and was described by MD Richard Bradford as looking “Probably more grumpy than dangerous”.


Later, it emerged that the cat was no other than Elvis, a particularly unimpressed cat from Sweden who has made it his life’s purpose to cause disruption to dog-based antics. Luckily, Disquiet Dog, always on the lookout for underperforming websites and other internet-based shenanigans, was busy at work and had been tracking this malicious moggy for some time. As you would expect, the necessary action was taken and suffice it to say that Elvis, and his lacklustre looks, will not be gracing the Disquiet Dog kennels again anytime soon*.

*No animals were harmed during the operation, and Elvis is safe and well, back in Sweden.

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