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Work like a dog (jobs page)



Disquiet Dog is a digital marketing agency which specialises in the education sector. We help schools, colleges, universities, in-company training providers, alternative training providers, international language schools and educational tour operators to find their rightful place in the digital space.

What we all love about working for Disquiet Dog is that we are based everywhere in the world. Well, not everywhere. Anywhere. We figure if a digital agency can’t let people be where they want to be, and work the hours they want to work, then who can? We communicate by Skype, Slack and email and our amazing in-house system. It seems to work. We’ve doubled in size every year since we began, and things are very much looking up.

What’s different about digital marketing in the education sector?

Most of our clients are looking to promote an intangible, nuanced service where the success of their ‘product’ can be massively influenced by factors such as:

  • How motivated a learner is to learn
  • The motivations for seeking out a programme in the first place
  • Expectations around what education is – are we being taught or do we have to learn?
  • International cultural differences around education norms
  • Who the decision maker is… Is it the parent or the child? The employee or the boss?

… to name but 5! With that in mind…



We are looking for part-time, freelance copywriters to work on a number of different writing projects – generally creating high quality website pages and blog articles related to education, corporate training, language training, tourism. Some of our clients work in the field of English language teaching to non-native speakers of English, so any experience in that area might be very useful. Maybe you’ve been an English language teacher or a social programme organiser.

We also translate content or write from scratch in other languages using specific keywords. We are therefore interested in you if have total fluency in another language like French, German, Italian, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, or… surprise us with a language of your choice!


A flair for writing, and a love of it, coupled with the ability to crack on and deliver content pretty quickly. Prior experience of working in the field of education and/or journalism and a good grasp of content writing for search engines as well as human beings. We like kind people. This role would suit you if you have limited mobility as there is no requirement to travel or turn up at work.

How to apply

Email us a CV or point us to your social media profile of choice. Send us a link to your 5 favourite articles of all time where you’re cited as the author and tell us why you like them so much. If we find your writing to be compelling, exciting, uplifting, inspiring, factual, accurate and generally engaging, we’ll let you know sharpish. Simply use the contact form and we’ll get the conversation started.




Thank you for thinking of us. Speak soon.