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Multilingual SEO for Education

So you want to get your site to the top of Google. So that’s you and the rest of your industry competitors! Not everyone can be, so it would be foolish to promise that possibility. Or would it?

The fact is that many organisations have been working hard on their multilingual SEO for education sector keywords (search engine optimisation) for over a decade, and they will have invested heavily in getting and staying where they are today in the rankings. Whilst you need to have realistic expectations, there are a number of solutions available to you, to help you get the most out of your current position, and move forwards as quickly as possible.

How does multilingual SEO for education work?

Today, and into the future, multilingual SEO is increasingly about providing the most pertinent information to your potential clients, in their language. The education sector stands out because there are opportunities both to describe in different languages your educative product but also the educational content itself. Either way, you’re looking for the perfect alignment between what they would type into Google if they were looking for the kind of service you’re offering and what they might expect to read on a web page having typed in that particular string of keywords.

There is a often a perception with the education industry that everyone is offering identical educational products, and that it’s almost impossible to compete without paying for Adwords or other pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. But the art to finding yourself featured on page one of Google is not to go for the mass market straight away, but to focus in on your niche, and to ensure that the multilingual SEO iterations also work effectively.

At Disquiet Dog, we will work alongside you to eke out your differences, your advantages, what your clients most appreciate about you, and significantly, where it is you’re planning to get to in the future. This differentiation coupled with your ambition, will form the basis of your search engine optimisation strategy. The translation work will be integrated into the solution from the outset, and we will use our in-country teams of SEO specialists, who also happen to be teachers, ex-teachers and translators, to provide rich solutions in your chosen languages.

Don’t get us wrong, there’s a lot to this, and it will take three or four months before you start to see the results. This is the long-game part of your strategy.

Auditing your website

It’s important to start by looking at how well your current website is organised and optimised in order to most appeal to search engines, and your education-seeking clients.

If your current site is not set up to handle a fully-integrated translation solution, then Disquiet Dog can help here too. Our specialist web team can provide a user-friendly content management system which holds translated copy alongside the original version, highlights missing text, and also manages the translation service for you. This means that every time you publish an article or make changes to your site, the corresponding requirement to update in your target languages is not only identified automatically for you, but the text is also submitted and uploaded.

Do get in touch right now to find out more about multilingual SEO for education, by entering your website’s url on the Contact Us form, and telling us what you’d like to achieve.

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