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Content creation

There's only one thing worse than having no one to create the content you need. And that's having loads of people generating content you don't need. That's why we help with content creation. We're just control freaks at heart.

What even is content creation?

Content creation is the production of any media that will be consumed online. It might be a course page, it could be a blog article or an Instagram post. It could be a piece of video or a podcast. It might be an infographic, a presentation, an online course or an ebook. These days, the more you can create the right content for consumption in different ways, the wider the reach, and the better your brand penetration.

How do you know what content needs to be created?

When we conduct our borderline-legendary audits, we'll regularly prescribe specific pieces of content for you to write or otherwise create. This content will align perfectly to a set of keywords we've identified to be important to your public, your people – your potential punters.

Do you really need help to write our own content?

Well, maybe you don't. If you have a team of able and willing individuals, then that may be all you need to press on, and start creating the content we've recommended.

Alternatively, you may have staff on hand, but they need a bit of training and development to make sure they write in the right way for Google. That's a bit of a knack. Once you've got it, you're laughing. If not, you could be creating the words, but in a way that doesn't change how well you position online. It will still be great content, but you'll be barking up the wrong tree. We also have a few useful tips and tricks on the blog, like this 10-point guide to content marketing.

OK, so how else can you help?

We'll write it for you

We have some corking content writers, who not only write beautifully engaging content, but also know how to pander to the Google algorithm gods. You can commission us to write a batch of articles for you to supplement your own efforts by using our content writing services.

You write it, we'll check it

Another approach is that you get the ball rolling and we'll review, edit and tweak your content. In truth this can take almost as long as writing it in the first place, but the benefit is that over time, your content writers take our feedback on board and improve to the point of perfection. This is part of our monthly support work.

And... action!

While video is becoming a lot more straightforward to capture and edit, there are still some styles and approaches that need expertise or involve a fair bit of project and complexity management. For those projects that are more involved than your point, press and share stuff, we can swoop in and support you. We like video production. It's hectic, but a lark.

If you have questions about content creation and you'd like to know how we could support you, just holler. We also respond to high-pitched whistles.

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