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Digital consultancy

Wherever you're at with your digital marketing, we can help you get closer to achieving your goals. Walking a piece of that journey with you can take many forms. What will work for you?

Digital consultancy with Disquiet Dog

We'll work alongside your organisation at the pace and intensity that best suit you. We can provide support for as little as two days a month, or you can have several experts working every day for a period of time. We work with you at a senior level to turn vision and mission into digital strategy, and then help you to deliver it. We work at a team level to boost your output and focus. When it comes to digital marketing, we’re more chameleon than dog, but disquiet chameleon sounded weird. We can pretty much be what you want us to be.

Digital consultancy – time-based solutions

Quick in and out

Sometimes you need just a couple of days of high-level scrutiny to get an honest verdict on your organisational structure, digital approaches and deployment. Leaving you to get on and make the changes.

Temporary, full-time stop-gap

It could also be that you’re down a member of staff and struggling to recruit. We can step in with our One Digital Team® approach, and give you a few months’ worth of full-time support till you get going again. We’ll work towards your objectives, and then hand over and train up the new person.

Monthly support

We agree on a bundle of days a month, and work out together how best to use that time. This is the most common way we work with you. It can be for a specified or unspecified period of time, and with our One Digital Team® approach, we start by engaging your staff in the process, supplementing your team with our people so you always get the optimal deployment of people and skills.

Digital consultancy – project-based solutions

Digital transformation

You might be trying to become a more digitally minded organisation, in which case we can help you to deploy an organisation-wide strategy, then support and train your staff through the transition. We agree on project components and timescales, and provide you with a quote.

Covert consultancy

It could be we’re operating behind the scenes to arm you with the insights you need, and provide you with face-to-face coaching and mentoring-style sessions, to help you get the organisation where it needs to go.

In-house audits

One or two of us come in with a pre-determined mission depending on what you want to achieve. We interview staff, build up a picture and send you a report and recommendations within a fortnight.

Social media overhaul

You might feel you’re missing a trick with social media. We can add a strategic component to your daily posts, likes and shares to help drive bookings and conversion.

Website redevelopment

We help you get your new website sorted, like with LSI Portsmouth.

Digital consultancy – job role solutions

We provide all the following roles to your organisation on an ad-hoc or ongoing basis:

  • Head of Digital to sit in meetings and provide digital leadership and connect with your senior team.
  • SEO Manager to monitor and track your online presence and guide the team to success
  • Content Manager to help you define a content strategy and optimise your setup to deliver one
  • Blog Editor to create and curate relevant blog content for your audience
  • Content Editor to provide quality control and guidance for your in-house writers
  • Content Writer to work out what to write and then write it for you
  • Social Media Manager to make sure your social strategy supports your business’s commercial objectives while building a community
  • Google Analyst to ensure your team is acting on the right insights and data

Digital consultancy fees

  • Monthly support Starts at 2 days a month, from £750 + VAT per day. Find out more
  • Large-scale project management We can handle big projects too. Imagine you've just set up a new school or training facility from scratch but have no digital heritage (no website, no online positioning, no direct traffic, no bookings). We can sweep in, establish a team and get things moving. From £25,000 + VAT.

Oh, and we know what it’s like

Everyone at Disquiet Dog is not only an expert in their specific digital marketing field, but they also have their own extensive experience of applying these skills in the field of education. And that is what sets up apart.

When you’re running an organisation of any kind, the fears are as important to recognise as the bold, audacious vision. The education and training sector has its own peculiarities, which can compound the challenges you’re facing. Most of the worries these days are about money, time and people, and not having enough.

Once we’ve had an initial chat, we’ll come back to you with a summary of our thoughts and a clear indication of the options we see for you. That won’t cost you a penny. And our solutions will be mindful of how they’re going to pay for themselves in the shortest possible timeframe.

Get in touch now and book a free chat. We’d love to hear from you.