1. Services

Monthly support

We can provide a number of days of support each month, when we’ll systematically work through a priority list of tasks to optimise your online resources for discovery by search engines. Using our One Digital Team® approach, we distribute as many tasks as possible to your own team too, helping them learn and do it themselves.

Monthly support is a great way to supplement your team's work, just where you need that extra help. Over time, your people will become confident enough to take on more of the digital marketing tasks themselves. As they do, we can move on to higher level tasks, or simply leave you to it.

3, 5, 10 days per month

We consider your strategy, your current online positioning and the people in your organisation who could help. Then we identify areas where we can support you. Your plan will make sense to you, but will be totally unique.

We count our time in hours and days. So 5 days gives you 40 hours of work time. Each type of task has a guideline duration which we use to plan your monthly work mix.

Here are some of the tasks we might typically complete each month:

Weekly healthcheck

We ensure all your digital assets are performing correctly. It's a great early-warning check so you don't spend your weekend worrying about 'what-ifs'.

Content specification

We help you roll out your content strategy by creating detailed briefs which are aligned to your keyword strategy, ready for someone in your team to put together.

Content review

Once you've written it, we edit and optimise it for search

Content creation

We create fully optimised pieces of content ready for your target audience to discover online.

Weekly check-in

We join you for an hour or so each week to talk you through options, approaches, tactics and decisions which bubble up during the week. This is a great part of our vision to transfer knowledge to you and your organisation and is a bit of a favourite.

Ad-hoc consultancy

You might be looking to launch a new programme, train up a new team member, carry out photography or video work or something quite different. A quick email to cross-check or get our take on things can provide reassurance.

Website tweaks

Depending on our access and your relationship with your current web developers, we can investigate issues and provide you with fixes within the duration of the monthly contract. If not, we'll quote it as a separate job.

UX reviews

We focus in on a part of your user journey, improve bounce rate, increase the successful completion of goals. Things like that.

Task prioritisation

Most places have a to do list which exceeds the time and resource available. We help you see the wood from the trees by reprioritising the list together with you.

Monthly reporting

We provide detailed ranking analysis at a frequency to suit you. It's often monthly, but could be quarterly, depending on what you and your senior leadership colleagues require by way of reporting.

Remember that by the time we've got to know you, and the resources you have available, your own list of priorities will quickly become , apparent. Speak to us to find out how monthly support could help you.
Or let our clients tell you how monthly support generates significant return on investment