One Digital Team®

Want us to train and empower your whole organisation to become more digitally resilient? Or, if you’re just too busy, our people can do it all for you. One Digital Team® is our flexible, adaptable approach to get the right things done and lead you to better return on investment (ROI).

In the long term, it’s too expensive to simply rely on an outside agency (like ours) to deliver your digital strategy. Period.

And it’s no good just sitting there, willing your direct bookings to flood in, without doing anything clever to make it happen.

You need an aligned digital strategy that takes you towards claiming your rightful share of the market. We like to paint you the picture, show you the way and get you started.

As soon as you’re ready, you can take over.

Diagram representing the progression of culture change from initial discovery phase through to delivery, and the corresponding shift of involvement from Disquiet Dog's people to your people. Discovery Audits Digital landscape mapping Tactical Response Strategy redevelopment Strategic and tactical delivery Disquiet Dog Your team Culture change People: Your own marketing, admissions, academic staff, students Time: Variable availability by month or season Money: Initial budget, efficiency savings, return on investment

What do you mean, One Digital Team?

We’ll help you get the strategy down – one that's unique to you. Then we turn to look at the people already in your building.

  • How could they be working differently?
  • Could they save time and effort and deliver a part of the digital strategy? (Yes!)

We can help get your staff working in new ways. Plus we provide the support services you need – only for as long as you need them.

Our people

We’re based internationally and use all sorts of smart stuff to keep in touch, depending on how you and your people like to work. Here are some of the downright lovely people you might encounter here at imaginary Disquiet Dog HQ…

Richard Bradford, Managing Director

Photo of Richard Bradford

Virginia Cruz, SEO and Quality Control

Photo of Virginia Cruz

Mar Marti, SEO and Project Manager

Photo of Mar Marti

Chris Brown, Content Strategy

Photo of Chris Brown

Jonathan Schofield, Web Designer

Photo of Jonathan Schofield

Dan Grant, Web Developer

Photo of Dan Grant

Miguel Ángel Soler Vallés, Web Developer

Photo of Miguel Vallés

Sue Young, Content Editor

Photo of Sue Young

Leticia Artiles Gracia, Operations Manager

Photo of Leticia Artiles Gracia

Emma Farrell, Video and Film Production

Photo of Emma Farrell

Sayna Fardaraghi, Videographer

Photo of Sayna Fardaraghi

Jimmy Leach, Digital Strategist

Photo of Jimmy Leach