Meet the team

The Disquiet Dogs are strewn randomly across the UK and internationally, with good reason.

Every member of the team is handpicked, not for how easy the commute is to the office, but because they're lovely humans with unique talents.

Our people

From the outset, we built our approach around letting everyone be where they want to be in the world, and work in the environment of their choosing. We work on brilliant levels of trust, mutual support and friendship.

Being based internationally, we use all sorts of smart stuff to keep in touch, depending on how you and your people like to communicate. We can also work at your place, pop in for visits and training, that kind of thing. You can stare at our happy mugs for a bit, or of course, drop us a line.

Richard Bradford, Managing Director

Photo of Richard Bradford

Virginia Cruz, SEO and Quality Control

Photo of Virginia Cruz

Mar Marti, SEO and Project Manager

Photo of Mar Marti

Chris Brown, Content Strategy

Photo of Chris Brown

Dan Grant, Lead Developer

Photo of Dan Grant

Mike Wells, Senior Developer

Photo of Mike Wells

Phil Clarke, Creative & Digital Director

Photo of Phil Clarke

Kirsty Starmer, Project Manager

Photo of Kirsty Starmer

Leticia Artiles Gracia, Operations Manager

Photo of Leticia Artiles Gracia

Sue Young, Content Editor

Photo of Sue Young

Emma Farrell, Video and Film Production

Photo of Emma Farrell

Sayna Fardaraghi, Videographer

Photo of Sayna Fardaraghi

Miguel Ángel Soler Vallés, Web Developer

Photo of Miguel Vallés

Jonathan Schofield, Web Designer

Photo of Jonathan Schofield

Jimmy Leach, Digital Strategist

Photo of Jimmy Leach