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Technical Website Audits for schools and training providers

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Once we’ve completed Audit 1, the SEO, Keyword & Competitor Audit, the next step is to conduct a technical website audit.

Your website should be your sales beast – it needs to be found on Google for those searches we know to be important to your potential clients (that’s what Audit 1 identifies). Your website also needs to be structured in a certain way, and contain certain pages for it to rank well. There is information that can be seen to the casual browser in the form of your site content and there is also lots of meta information which is hidden from view in your site’s code base. We ensure your meta data is as optimised as your content to tell Google directly what it needs to know about your site to position it appropriately in search engine results pages.

Our Technical Site Audits are used by schools and other training providers to give to their in-house web developers, or as part of a brief to external developers. External developers really love our reports as it takes all of the guesswork out of building a new site. We think that only around 5-10% of web developers put time into technical audits, and fewer still run checks once the new site has launched.

What we’ll do during the Technical Website Audit

  • Apply the findings from the SEO, Keyword & Competitor Audit to review the search relevance of your entire site
  • Audit your information architecture make recommendations on an optimal site structure
  • Analyse the site for technical shortcomings which make it harder for Google to ‘see’ you
  • Ensure you’re using the latest approaches to code the content on your site

What you’ll get back from a Technical Website Audit

You’ll get a full report, written in straightforward language which explains the big opportunities and quick fixes to get more leverage and return on investment from your site.

This will include:

  • New page recommendations which tie in with the keywords and online searches we know are important to you.
  • New site architecture detailing the recommended page hierarchy
  • Recommended optimised meta data to apply to all pages
  • An exhaustive fix list of coding or other niggles.
  • Best-practice recommendations around layout, user experience and calls to action.


How long will it take to complete a Technical Site Audit?

Audits usually take between 4 and 6 days to complete, depending on the complexity of your site. (We do need to complete Audit 1 first). One or two good bookings once you’ve implemented the changes and our work is paid for. You’re welcome!

Shout if you’d like to get your website utterly optimised.