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Training courses about digital for your people

Being in the education sector, we don’t believe in working in a vacuum of information. We will put together a bespoke training session for you or your staff, so you can lead or grow as an organization, with full awareness of what’s going on and what’s possible. Here are some of the off the shelf courses we can offer:



Disquiet Dog has worked in collaboration with the British Council and EnglishUK to develop a 2-day Digital Marketing Bootcamp Programme which will be held in British Council offices around the UK.

The first in the series is a beginner-level programme which will seek to help staff grasp the basics of digital marketing as applied to the education industry. Taking a holistic approach, the course will focus on:

  • the practical skills to introduce a best-practice, focussed approach to digital marketing
  • the confidence required to engage with stakeholders to get results (particularly around content creation)
  • the culture of the organisation, and how best to bring about change.

For more details about this programme, visit:

British Council Digital Marketing Bootcamp

You can also download the course programme here



Digital Room 101 – 2 hours – up to 12 people

More of a diagnostic session, but a great way to build early engagement on the subject. This is an opportunity to deal with the barriers present within your organization. So rather than pushing concerns and objections to one side, this is about airing those views in a short session, with a view to ensuring whatever else we deliver is fit for purpose, gets maximum buy-in, and sits well within the culture of your establishment.

Social Media Toolkit – 3 hours – up to 12 people

This half-day beginners’ course will give you the confidence to start or develop your own use of platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. This will include an understanding of user profiles, platform objectives, networks, privacy and best practice. If you run this session for your own staff, this course will also present a useful opportunity to establish internal guidelines on who can and should contribute to your social output, and who should engage with your clients through this medium.

Facebook for business development – 3 hours – up to 8 people
Twitter for business development
– 3 hours – up to 8 people
LinkedIn for business development – 3 hours – up to 8 people

These half-day beginner-plus level courses will provide a more in depth look at how each platform could and should be used to maximize exposure and ROI. We will also look at setting objectives for an individual or team managing Social Media so that your usage of the medium complements your organization’s wider strategy. For example, if you are looking to attract more international students in from Brazil, how does that change what you do on Facebook?

As with all Disquiet Dog courses, the aim here is to impart knowledge and apply this instantly, so you leave with decisions made and an action list set.

Blog Basics – 3 hours – up to 12 people

Your blog, operating from the heart of your website, is now arguably one of the most critical components to your business success. Why is it so important? When and how should you write? What is there to say? Who should do it, and who will read it? All these questions will be answered, and you will leave this session with a clear picture of the work ahead, and also the benefits a busy blog will reap. You will also get the opportunity to set the priorities for your organization over the coming weeks and months, and ensure these align to your business strategy. This course will pay for itself time and time again.

Blog Writers’ Lock-in

This is pretty much what it says it is. Procrastination will rarely be more prolific than in the field of content writing. We quickly debunk the fears and barriers to content generation, then set timed exercises in order to boost your output. A trained facilitator and content writer will be on hand to enthuse you, keep you on target and on task.

If you’d like to find out more about these programmes and how we can tailor the content to your needs and specific situation, please contact us. Thanks.