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Video production for schools

video production


Video production is the single most exciting medium out there, and it is significantly more accessible than ever it was.

Video Production – do it yourself on a budget

You can shoot ultra HD video on your mobile phone and diffuse it on social media in seconds. Digital natives who have grown up with this technology think nothing of posting a vlog on YouTube, and sharing with friends.

Rather than start with the notion that “we need a big, impressive video production, because everyone else is doing it”, it’s far more important to think about what is it you want to say. This doesn’t have to be an intricate message. Clean, discrete messages are better as they can be described accurately for search engine purposes, and they also take the pressure off you in terms of filming them. So some basic themes could include:

– “this is how visitors to our school react when they look around”
– “we did really well in our exams this year”
– “we have a great performing arts faculty and this is what the students have produced”
– “this is how green our campus is”

The simplest video clips need only be 30 seconds to a minute long, and can simply be someone talking to camera. Or with a bit more effort, you might be able to put together a range of footage – a couple of interviews, some background shots. If you can add a bit of branding and music, then you’re starting to approach something quite passable for a website. Whilst it is relatively straightforward these days to put such footage together, we do also recognise you might also be under time constraints.


How Disquiet Dog can help you with your video production

Disquiet Dog has considerable reach in the field of video production, from the straightforward post-production editing of footage you provide, through to elaborate, documentary and short-film styled productions involve one or multiple crews in more than one location, working in collaboration with one of two award-winning film producers and a team of post-production experts to cater to all budgets. Take a look at what we did for ELC Brighton and ELC Eastbourne.

All this starts with a really easy conversation