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Yep, we know. Website management (the ongoing bit) and website development (new site and big change) is scary stuff. We’re here to make website management manageable again.

You may already have an agency working on your website development and or your website management for you. Disquiet Dog can help in three ways:

1 – We can ensure you’re really getting best value from this external supplier, conduct audits and reviews

2 – Since our background is in digital provision specifically for education, it means we can probably understand your context much better than a non-specialized agency. We can therefore ensure you’re able to provide your web developers with a strong brief technical and functional brief, and then follow this through to its successful implementation, and post-launch monitoring, and this, from within your organization.

3 – We can work with your longer term strategic objectives to ensure you that the digital infrastructure you’re building today is ready to incorporate and give wings to your future plans.

Website development – what is it?

Website development to us means the regular or periodical review and update process which your website needs. This could include:

  • adding new functionality which automates some of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks which your people currently have to do
  • improving user experience so that more people book with you
  • updating the content management system so you’re more autonomous when it comes to managing ongoing change
  • adding additional pages and proliferating content to align your offering with what the market needs, and how the market is using search engines to find it.

Unfortunately, lots of web development companies will charge an enticing price for a basic, great looking website, but will then charge you a small fortune for the added functionality and coding work which will make your life easier. At Disquiet Dog, we don’t do that. We have a skilled team of developers, who think with you in mind. We use coding approaches which also ensure that anyone could pick the website up in the future and develop it further.

Keeping the look and feel fresh and appealing

We have access to designers who not only create interesting website¬†that people want to use. They also think about improving your business processes and appealing to search engines. If you’re not achieving all three, you’re wasting your time.

Building out content management systems

The education sector offers up one of the richest potential sources of content of any sector. This is because much of what you teach makes for a great learning resource online, either to support your students’ consolidation work, or to provide a window to the outside world of what your education establishment has to offer. One really easy win in terms of website development is to ensure you have an easy-to-use content management system. There are usually neither expensive nor complicated to implement. We can show you how to go about it in a sustainable way and with a long-term view.

Virtual learning environments

At Disquiet Dog, we are under no illusions that the future of learning will be digital. That doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll all be plugged into The Matrix but rather that teacher-led education will increasingly be delivered asynchronously (the learning takes place at a different time from when the lesson was first ‘given’), as well as synchronously (teacher and student(s) active within the same time frame). It is also reasonable to assume that teachers giving even synchronous lessons will not necessarily need to be in the same building, city or country as their students. Disquiet Dog is looking at some very novel ways to develop virtual learning environments in conjunction both with state and private providers.

Website management – what do you mean?

Given all the other projects you have on the go, it’s quite easy to breathe a sigh of relief once your new website development phase is complete, and not touch it for another 2 years. Whilst you will find that a well-implemented web development project will serve to increase your direct bookings and enquiries, it is usually in the ongoing tweaking and trialling, that you will maintain your competitive edge. You need to have the right people on hand, with an enquiring mind, and thirst for statistical analysis, a sense of the high level direction you’re moving in, and a degree of creativity, to ensure the site stays fresh, engaging and relevant. This is much less about having a huge team present, and lots more about thinking carefully, and having an approach.

Your ongoing website management is definitely about website content writing, and if you’re in the education sector, you have a great advantage. But is also about ensure you don’t waste money on sometimes costly external options such as site optimization, PPC management and social media marketing. We can review your expenditure, evaluate the ROI and ensure your suppliers are working for you in the right way.

If you can’t wait to get started, please contact us and we can start talking.