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Head of Digital: Part-time, flexible solutions

If you are in a senior leadership position in your educational organisation, it is vital these days that you have a very good grasp of the digital environment – i.e. every part of your messaging, delivery and social environment which can be accessed via a device like a smartphone, tablet or pc. Do you have staff already, but you find yourself continually uncertain as to what they’re doing, and what value they are adding? Do you simply outsource every part of your digital delivery and worry that you’re paying too much for it? Are you concerned that your web people aren’t really from your industry, and never quite get it?

Many education establishments could do with someone there to manage and pull together all aspects of your digital delivery, but someone who has also worked in the field of education and knows how this sector works without you having to explain it. However budget restrictions make it all but impossible to imagine hiring such a person into the organization.

Enter Disquiet Dog. One of the services is to offer you flexible consultancy time in the form of a very part-time Head of Digital, who remains resolutely on your side, and who will work with you at a strategic level to ensure you are getting the most out of the digital side of your organisation’s work. It could be as little as one day every 4 weeks.

What is a Head of Digital?

At Disquiet Dog, we are able to provide a flexible resource which rises to support your organisation where it most needs help.
Some examples of where a head of digital can provide useful value added include:
– Digital engagement strategy – how to grow a stronger connection with more of your target clients
– Digital sales strategy – how to build a stronger direct sales channel (as opposed to driving business through agency or third party organisations)
– Digital marketing strategy – designing, implementing and helping to execute a robust online marketing approach which will ensure you cover all bases effectively
– Analysis of current trends and behaviours – conducting research into how and how well your current digital assets (e.g. websites, email marketing, social media) are being used and managed.
– Identifying and championing current digital activity within your organisation, and finding opportunities to support this work better. From Facebook updates, to filming lessons, right through to the provision of digital course content and beyond.
– High level management of your external web agency suppliers, paid search providers, video producers, database managers and other third-party digital services you buy in.

You can browse what other organisations expect their Head of Digital, or Digital Director to do.

The chances are though, that head of digital will mean something different to you, and your organisation, and we can work with that too. Unlike a generic consultancy or web agency, you’ll be astounded at how quickly we’re up, running and adding value. Because if we can’t add to your bottom-line profitability quickly, there’s really no point asking us.

Why not contact Us now and we can talk about you, your organisation, and how you think you could use your own part-time head of digital.