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We are providing English UK’s and British Council’s digital marketing bootcamp programme

The Digital Marketing Bootcamp concept was jointly developed by Jodie Gray, Head of Market Development at English UK and Tom Poole, Destination UK Promotion Manager for ELT.

The ELT Digital Marketing Bootcamp

The 2-day intensive Bootcamp programme – initially pitched to beginners in digital marketing – is based in part on our core ethos of helping education providers to build digital resilience from the inside.

The course is highly practical, drawing on individual experiences and building participants’ confidence levels in a wide range of digital skills, from understanding the importance of keyword analysis through to content development, digital campaigns and social media management. Above all, the programme aims to empower member organisations to ensure they maximise their digital brands, increase visitors and conversion rates and grow business and profitability.

We think:

Digital marketing is still seen as one tiny aspect of an organisation’s big list of roles and responsibilities, and yet bookings derived from digital sources can account for up to and in excess of 50% of an education provider’s revenue. While ever the task of ‘doing digital’ resides with just one or two people, schools, colleges and universities will fail to capitalise on the potential of digital marketing, but more significantly, will find themselves losing out to competitors who manage to place their digital brand more effectively.

Richard Bradford, Managing Director, Disquiet Dog

The course is taught by Richard, Mar Marti and Virginia Cruz, both face-to-face and also with pre- and post-course components.

This is an excellent opportunity to do a course which has been developed by disquietdog.com with in-depth knowledge of the ELT industry and the challenges faced by ELT organisations in today’s online world of digital marketing. If you want to learn how search engine rankings work and gain a lot of useful knowledge to help you push your organisations website to the top, the ELT Digital Marketing Bootcamp is for you.

Joe Waterhouse, Director, SKOLA

Really useful and productive two days with two trainers who could not have been more helpful and supportive. Has given me lots to think about and lots to do and given focus to what we need to do over the coming months. Get on and book.

Steve Oliver, Partner, Elizabeth Johnson Organisation

Richard and Mar were constantly open to adapting their content according to the needs of the students. Would I recommend it to anyone thinking of booking on the next one? Absolutely do so – it exceeded my expectations.

Felix O’Leary, Wimbledon School of English

Find out more and book a place on the ELT Digital Marketing Bootcamp.