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Our beliefs around digital marketing

This is the Disquiet Dog Dogma - our underlying principles for how we work with you.

We believe that a proper digital marketing strategy should be strongly connected to other offline marketing efforts, so that all marketing works together.

We believe that if you promote your programmes through third parties (agents) as well as directly, it's best to focus on creating more chances for students to book directly.

We believe that if there is a choice between appearing on Google for free and paying to be there, it’s best to appear for free.

We believe that you only get to appear for free if you have the very best content for Google, the librarian, to pick from the shelves when someone conducts a search.

We believe that having the very best content is the most aligned approach with what Google wants search to be about.

We believe that the creation of content is a team effort which involves doing things in really new ways.

We believe it's our job to empower you over time to do it for yourself. We love to transfer what we know.

At the heart of this approach, lies OneDigitalTeam®