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Effective marketing strategies for schools: why everything might need to change

By Richard Bradford,

Often when setting a strategy for a school there will be a tendency to either largely base this on previous years and do more of the same, or attempt something new and innovative. But both of these approaches are flawed if they don’t really latch on the prime educational objective – to inspire the…

How to market training courses digitally: 5 fresh synergies

By Richard Bradford,

However your training course is delivered, there are some good opportunities to use the digital space more effectively for some proper marketing activities rather than simply thinking of the online environment purely as a selling space. And by combining your staff’s skills and abilities with strong…

7 ways to make it easier to change your backend system

By Richard Bradford,

Definition of a backend system Another name for the database and associated value-adding online processes which help you to run your organisation. The life cycle of a backend database There is an inevitable life cycle to any backend system, which has been known to run something like this: Year 1 A…

Is it worth bidding for an education tender?

By Richard Bradford,

If your organisation isn’t used to having to bid for all of its work, but instead derives its clients from another source, such as direct web bookings, reservations via international agents, or a demographically derived flow through the local authority, it’s quite natural to spot national and…