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The Digital Clinic: a mobile clinic for digital culture change events

What is the Digital Clinic?

It’s a pop-up-clinic which we can bring to you, to provide you with a physical space in which to help your staff get to grips with the implications of digital change.

What’s the purpose of the Digital Clinic?

At Disquiet Dog, we believe that the only way to ensure your organisation’s future prosperity in promoting courses and educational services is to have the right kind of presence online. If we’re talking about ranking highly on Google for relevant searches so that more people find you first, then that requires content on your website and social platforms, and people interacting, sharing and co-creating that content for you (articles, help guides, useful tips, support, great processes…). That requires lots of people at your place – not just your digital marketing assistant – to deliver that content to clients from their particular role and viewpoint. And that, to a greater or lesser extent requires a change in thinking, in attitudes, and in the kind of work taking place on a daily basis. In short, you’re looking at a mild cultural revolution.

We know that change is prickly and awkward and people respond to it in different ways and at different times. We put a lot of thought into this and we think a lot of the ideas we have about content creation can also work massively in favour of the people at work in your organisation. As with all change, people need to feel secure in that transition. They need to be able to visualise how their role might change, and then they need support and training to help them get there.

The Disquiet Dog Digital Clinic is both a physical and mental space we create to help in the move towards a more digital way of thinking.

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The Physical Space

At a conference or workshop, we usually require a 3-4 x 2m area as a minimum. There is a backdrop screen 2.5m tall by 2.5m wide (it can be lowered a little for low ceilings) and some mobile side panels about 1m80 high by about 1m50 wide on each side. We can use almost any kind of table you care to supply, and we bring additional props that you might find in a doctor’s surgery. Generally, we’ll operate time slots or appointments to meet with individuals or small groups of 3-4 people at a time. The time we spend per person or overall can be decided together.

The Mental Space

Generally by the time we get to your place we’ll already have done a certain amount of work together. You may have completed a keyword audit with us, or other consultancy work which has led to the outcome or realisation that a team involvement in your digital strategy would be a great next step.

The time we spend together can then be used in different ways, either as a drop-in clinic only, or as part of a more complex intervention with presentations, or as part of a whole strategic development exercise.

Digital Clinic inputs and outputs

It helps a lot to listen, and understand the different viewpoints of the people in your organisation. We can use The Digital Clinic as a space in which to support your staff through digital change. Stakeholders can come along and chat and voice their opinions and concerns. We listen, facilitate, gently prod and poke and find out more. At the end of the session, we’ll collate information and provide anonymous or named feedback as the situation dictates.

Keynote and Training with a drop-in facility

Sometimes it helps to fire things up with a keynote-style address at the beginning of the day. These are written specifically for your event, your context and your audience. We’ll take a considerable amount of time to understand your needs and objectives in the lead-up to your event, and pitch the general direction of the keynote back to you for approval.

We can also deliver a range of training solutions around the theme of digital development and the alignment of the organisation to your clients’ needs online. We have a particularly fun solution in the form of The Maydays – a troupe of comedy improvisers who are also internationally renowned in the field of improvisation for corporate training

During breaks in formal proceedings we can set up the Digital Clinic for your delegates to drop by and discuss their current situation, ask questions or find out more.

What kind of event does this work at?

We can set up the Disquiet Dog Digital Clinic at international conferences, workshops and large-scale corporate training events, and it’s equally at home in your school, college, university or corporate HQ. We can show up for any length of time from a couple of hours to a couple of days and we will iterate the themes and responses which connect mainstream digital strategy with your particular context and need.

What might a typical Digital Clinic day look like?

Here’s just a starter example of what might work for you:

Drop-in format

  1. 10am to 11am: Set up/reviewing appointments with your team
  2. 11am to 1pm: 6 x 20-minute Digital Clinic Sessions
  3. 1pm to 2pm: Lunch and discussion
  4. 2pm to 4pm: 6 x 20-minute Digital Clinic Sessions
  5. 4pm to 5pm: Summing up and reflection with your digital marketing team

How much does the Digital Drop-In Clinic cost?

Full-day Drop-In Clinic

  • Up to 7 hours’ total contact time
  • Including planning, one member of staff and written report after the event
  • £4,500 + VAT

Half-day Drop-In Clinic

  • Up to 4 hours’ contact time
  • Fee including planning and one member of staff
  • £2,500 + VAT

Fees exclude return travel and accommodation prior to the event.

Got a better idea? Tell us how you’d want this to work at your place (goes to our contact form).