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Keynotes, Plenaries & Workshops

Disquiet Dog founder Richard Bradford has extensive experience of speaking at education fairs and workshops around the world. Able to deliver presentations in English, French, German and - at a push - Spanish, each talk is custom prepared to tie in with the organisers' themes and previous delegate feedback. Here are some of the forthcoming appearances and recent talks, presentations and workshops:

How to boost profit by changing one single web page

A 40-minute seminar at EnglishUK's StudyWorld event in London, looking at how, contrary to popular belief, you can improve your website, profitably, one page at a time. We advocate a content-first approach which is somewhat revolutionary in the industry. We like being that. StudyWorld 2018, Tuesday 4th September 2018


10 Steps to Digital Enlightenment

business english uk keynote

An easy-to-access 1-hour keynote to members of Business English UK. Light-hearted in tone but containing some powerful messages and challenging concepts pertinent to the language and wider corporate training market. BusinessEnglishUK December 2018

Exploring digital culture change (working title)

A five-hour interactive training seminar to look at how education providers can embed the kind of digital culture in their organisations so that everyone can contribute to the digital effort. EnglishUK Training, Friday 25 May 2018

British Council/English UK ELT Digital Marketing Bootcamp - Beginners

Richard, Mar and Virginia from Disquiet Dog have written a brand new beginners' level digital marketing programme for the UK English Language Teaching (ELT) sector. This two-day programme was successfully piloted in London on 21st and 22nd September 2017, with a series of other programmes at beginner and more advanced levels planned into 2018 and beyond. Devised and promoted by British Council and English UK (click to find out more), or book here. Designed and delivered by Disquiet Dog. Feedback : "This is an excellent opportunity to do a course which has been developed by disquietdog.com with in-depth knowledge of the ELT industry and the challenges faced by ELT organisations in today's online world of digital marketing. If you want to learn how search engine rankings work and gain a lot of useful knowledge to help you push your organisations website to the top, the ELT Digital Marketing Bootcamp is for you." Joe Waterhouse, Director, SKOLA "Really useful and productive two days with two trainers who could not have been more helpful and supportive. Has given me lots to think about and lots to do and given focus to what we need to do over the coming months. Get on and book." Steve Oliver, Elizabeth Johnson Organisation "The programme was far more fluid than I anticipated - Richard and Mar were constantly open to adapting their content according to the needs of the students." Felix O'Leary, Wimbledon School of English

Winning Bigger Tenders - A Loser's Guide

A one-hour session designed to test comfort zones around pitching for, winning and delivering a successful large-scale education programme. Studyworld, September 2017

Tendering Workshop

A four-hour fully bespoke workshop to help a prominent group of language schools develop a robust process and action plan for large-scale education tendering. (Private group), August 2017

Digital Marketing in Study Travel: Expert Panel Discussion

Panel discussion as part of an afternoon of discussion around the theme of Digital Marketing and the Student Experience of Language Study Abroad. IALC Boston, March 2017

We. Need. A. New. Website. How to deal with developers and get the site you really need.

An elective session on how to collaborate effectively as an organisation to make the development of a new website as painless as possible. EnglishUK Marketing Conference, February 2017 Feedback comments via EnglishUK: "Came at the right time for us. Also very useful to discuss other schools' experiences" "Very engaging, relevant content, lots of interaction time and time to reflect on our own experiences and share these with other candidates. Great session."

What happens next will blow your mind

A plenary session on how digital marketing in education is likely to change in the future, and what education providers can be doing now to get ahead of the trend. EnglishUK Marketing Conference, February 2017 Feedback comments via EnglishUK: "Good communicator. Authority over subject matter without arrogance. Some v helpful insights. Provocative." "Very informative and entertaining. Excellent speaker." "Great presentation with some excellent ideas"

How to deliver digitally with limited resources

A talk aimed at education establishments with a small marketing department and a big need for content. StudyWorld - EnglishUK, London, September 2015

When schools and agents join forces

Presentation looking at how internationally focussed schools and their in-country educational tour operator 'agents' can collaborate effectively around digital marketing. IALC 2016, London, April 2016

How education providers can use their own people to develop digital content

A success story of how a school was able to harness the creative power of its staff to significantly boost its search engine positioning, plus lots of tips on how other schools can do the same. StudyWorld - EnglishUK, London, September 2016

Face up to your elephants

A presentation looking at the three elephants in the room of business teaching in the UK. A challenging talk which urged school owners to think differently about decision-making in a digital world. BusinessEnglishUK, London, December 2015

How to deliver digitally with limited resources in the FE sector

A talked tailored specifically to Further Education, presented during the inaugural meeting of the AOSEC Digital Learning Network AOSEC - October 2015

Collaborative pitching for corporate contracts

A presentation on how education providers can create complex proposal documents and pitches in a short space of time for international government education tenders. BusinessEnglishUK, London, September 2015

How to win international tenders in less than a week

A recap of how Richard put together a 65-page tender and a custom pitch video in three days and successfully won a six-figure international education tender. UK Trade & Industry (UKTI) [now DIT] Education - March 2015

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  • User generated content – 5 easy ways to get it from international students

    User generated content – 5 easy ways to get it from international students 0

    03rd October 2017

    Definition User generated content is any form of digital content which has been created by the people using or experiencing your product or service, as opposed to the people selling, promoting or managing it. In the field of education, we’re talking about content produced by students and teachers as opposed to the traditional kind of […]

    The Digital Clinic for Culture Change events

    The Digital Clinic for Culture Change events 0

    25th September 2017

    The Digital Clinic – A mobile clinic for digital culture change events What is the Digital Clinic? It’s a pop-up-clinic which we can bring to you, to provide you with a physical space in which to help your staff get to grips with the implications of digital change. What’s the purpose of the Digital Clinic? […]

    Write your website content first, then your brochure

    Write your website content first, then your brochure 0

    07th July 2017

    Every year, language schools the world over sit down at the busiest time of year to complete the work on their latest brochure, ready for the international trade workshops which start towards the end of August. Whilst it’s true that many schools will be starting to veer away from printed materials in favour of more […]

  • Should I translate my website for Google? A guide for language schools

    Should I translate my website for Google? A guide for language schools 0

    06th April 2017

    At the IALC conference in Boston 2017, and again at StudyWorld London 2017, the inpatients at the Disquiet Dog Digital Clinic were owners and directors of some of the top language schools around the world. The question we got asked the most was “Should I translate my website?” A related question was, “Is it more important […]

    Disquiet Dog HQ hijacked by feline interloper

    Disquiet Dog HQ hijacked by feline interloper 0

    01st April 2017

    On 1st April, 2017, Disquiet Dog HQ on the south coast of England was infiltrated by a cat burglar. Closed-circuit television equipment captured the moment that the feline interloper broke in and went on a rampage. The crazed cat clearly was in no mood to mess around, and was described by MD Richard Bradford as […]

    10-point Guide to Content Marketing for Language Schools 0

    22nd March 2017

    Download the pdf of this minibook, The 10-point guide to Content Marketing for Language Schools #1 Google is just a librarian That’s all it is. When you ask the Google librarian for something, its only job is to try and find you the very best content it possesses. Google is getting better and better at […]

  • Disquiet Dog’s Digital Clinic at IALC Boston 2017

    Disquiet Dog’s Digital Clinic at IALC Boston 2017 0

    16th February 2017

    Disquiet Dog is delighted to be taking part in the 2017 IALC Workshop in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. This year, you’ll be able to fix an appointment at the Disquiet Dog Digital Clinic where you’ll be able to chat in confidence about your web-based worries digital dilemmas online obstructions mobile misapprehensions apple and android ailments You […]

    Should we translate our school website into other languages?

    Should we translate our school website into other languages? 0

    08th February 2017

    To translate or not to translate your international school website into other languages is a fine dilemma. If you are delivering education to an international market, there is a good argument for translating your website into any number of those languages spoken by the majority of your student population. I can think of at least […]

  • How to market training courses – 5 fresh synergies

    How to market training courses – 5 fresh synergies 0

    13th December 2016

    5 fresh ways to market courses digitally However your training course is delivered, there are some good opportunities to use the digital space more effectively for some proper marketing activities rather than simply thinking of the online environment purely as a selling space. And by combining your staff’s skills and abilities with strong online processes […]

    Website content writing for schools & universities – getting staff to help

    Website content writing for schools & universities – getting staff to help 0

    17th November 2016

    Definition of website content writing: Website content writing is the action of providing written articles, features, documents and other copy which will be placed on your website or other social media platforms to help provide your website’s users with the information they need. Website content extends to videos, audio, diagrams, infographics and photos plus other types […]

    Generation Z & your school’s USPs: Unique or Ubiquitous?

    Generation Z & your school’s USPs: Unique or Ubiquitous? 0

    16th November 2016

    However you dress it up, the likelihood is that many of your organisation’s proclaimed USPs are far from unique. And yet we know that in actual fact every school or centre of learning is genuinely different. So how do you position your school for Generation Z (7-20 yrs) and Millennials (15-30 yrs) in a way […]

  • 7 ways to make it easier to change your backend system

    7 ways to make it easier to change your backend system 0

    14th November 2016

    Definition of a backend system: Another name for the database and associated value-adding online processes which help you to run your organisation. The life cycle of a backend database There is an inevitable life cycle to any backend system, which has been known to run something like this: Year 1 A growing and unavoidable realisation […]