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A tenfold return on improved online positioning for The Maydays

Our SEO and technical audits led to such a good return on investment for improvisational training group The Maydays that they retain us with a monthly support package to develop their business further.

Liz Peters from The Maydays stands with arms stretched wide while presenting to an improvisation group.
Liz Peters from The Maydays running an improv session. Image courtesy of The Maydays ©Mark Dawson

Meet The Maydays

The Maydays are one of the UK’s foremost improvisation comedy companies. They perform totally improvised comedy shows in the UK and worldwide, they offer improv comedy classes, as well as delivering a range of CPD accredited business improv training programmes to organisations like Microsoft, NHS, GSK and Deloitte. They’re hilarious, incredibly clever, and they make a massive difference to how people think, feel and behave.

The challenging bit

The Maydays are a great example of a small organisation that needs to stand out in a competitive field but has limited in-house resources. Every minute of their time has to be productive.

While word-of-mouth recommendations had been strong, The Maydays weren’t appearing as highly as they needed to in search engine results, meaning they were essentially invisible to potential clients who'd benefit massively from the kind of specialised training experience they had to offer.

As well as more general improv training solutions, The Maydays also offer very bespoke programmes completely tailored to organisational challenges. These needed careful attention too.

What we did

We started with our SEO, keyword and technical audits to understand The Maydays’ positioning relative to their target market and to identify what keywords would most likely connect to the right potential clients.

We provided a list of subjects and keyword themes The Maydays could use to start building their online profile, and created content pieces that would inspire and engage.

The technical site audit reviewed the effectiveness of a recent website upgrade. This provided the team with a prioritised to-do list of actions to complete themselves, so only the most technical fixes needed to be outsourced. Not only did this empower the team and help them to develop their skills, but it also ensured that costs could be kept to a minimum.

After seeing a good return on investment, The Maydays opted for a small monthly support pack, which runs to this day. We provide ongoing consultancy and advice, ongoing keyword checks, shared tasks using our One Digital Team approach, and quite a lot of monitoring and feedback so every bit of their limited time is well spent.

What did our work achieve?

Here’s Joe from The Maydays:

Our online positioning has improved significantly since we started working with Richard and Disquiet Dog, a relationship which has already lasted over 10 years.

We are so confident that Disquiet Dog can deliver on a sustained basis that we have now given them ongoing control of our website development and corporate business development.

In terms of return on investment, we can see a direct correlation between online positioning and the numbers of people booking onto our improv classes and enquiring about corporate training events.

On average we have tended to get around a tenfold return on our investment, which is why we keep working with them!

A few years ago, we delivered what remains to date our biggest ever business improv training intervention for a prominent multinational pharmaceuticals company. The event organiser simply found us on Google from a very simply search keyword.

Because we showed up in the search results (and because we are brilliant anyway!) we were successful in winning the work.

In short, I would say that Disquiet Dog went much further than our simple requirements. They devised and delivered a sustainable strategy and that has kept us ahead of the game.

Joe Samuel, Director, The Maydays
Photo of Joe Samuel