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ROI is built into the model for Roffey Park Institute

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Welcome to Roffey Park

Roffey Park is a leadership and management institute based in the south of England, close to London Gatwick airport.

It was established initially to care for service personnel returning from the second world war with what nowadays is understood to be post-traumatic stress disorder. Over the decades, this deep interest in people and humanity has moved over to the world of work, and today Roffey Park has a worldwide reputation for people-first, compassionate leadership principles.

The challenge

Many years of success in transforming people and organisations had provided Roffey Park with a regular flow of repeat business and recommendations. But instead of complementing this, Roffey Park's search visibility wasn't sufficiently highly so that people searching online for leadership and management programmes could find them.

What we did

While the plan was afoot to change the website at some point to boost user experience and lay the path for fresh brand associations, Disquiet Dog set about frontloading the content development for the future site, so Roffey Park could start reaping the benefits way ahead of the new site being launched.

What difference did we make?

Here's what Janice McBrown says about Disquiet Dog in the video case study:

Disquiet Dog started with some really interesting audits which showed our keyword and digital presence across Google, and that formed the cornerstone of the inital work we've done with them. We started to look at process and developing a culture within Roffey Park to improve our digital presence.

What I really like about their approach is that it's enabling us and empowering us to do more ourselves rather than relying on external agencies. Working with Disquiet Dog has been really different from other agencies, mainly because they've really taken time to understand our organisation, to meet the staff that we need to empower, to encourage them to develop more of a digital presence. And they've really taken time to dive deep into our organisation and our challenges in a way that I've not experienced before in terms of depth and understanding, and really ask probing questions to help us get to the root of the problem.

Working with the Disquiet Dog team is really fun actually. They're a great bunch of people. I love the way they support and challenge our thinking. No question is too stupid. They're always responsive and able to pick up the phone. It's a real pleasure to work with them.

At the end of the day, a return on investment is really important. In the first year of our work with Disquiet Dog, we generated a 608% return on the marketing spend, which is amazing. As a post-script to the video, in year two, that has increased to 1075%.

Janice McBrown, Head of Marketing, Roffey Park Institute
Photo of Janice McBrown