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Disquiet Dog’s Digital Clinic at IALC Boston 2017

Promotional banner graphic for the IALC Boston 2017 event, showing students on the steps of a school building, the event logo, and delegates at the conference.

Disquiet Dog is delighted to be taking part in the 2017 IALC Workshop in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

This year, you’ll be able to fix an appointment at the Disquiet Dog Digital Clinic where you’ll be able to chat in confidence about your:

  • Web-based worries
  • Digital dilemmas
  • Online obstructions
  • Mobile misapprehensions
  • Apple and Android ailments

You know that the need to have better digital responses as an organisation is not going away. Whether you’re looking for cost-effective digital marketing strategies or you’re taking another look at online course provision – it can be a big cause for concern and you’re probably worried about getting it right – minimising risks and maximising benefit.

Disquiet Dog is all about empowering your organisation, and front-loading digital work to bring in the biggest returns first. There’s plenty of fancy-pants exuberance we can help with down the line, but first things first, let’s get some more money flowing your way.

Come along to Stand 5 in the main hall, and look out for the Digital Clinic.

Come and be listened to. Come and be told it’s all going to be OK. And leave with a free prescription for you to take away and start applying immediately. In fact here’s the full list of what you can expect:

  • A personal and confidential consultation
  • A bit of old-school conversation, surprisingly offline and unplugged
  • A break from the relentlessness of life itself
  • Free tips and tricks to take away and use instantly
  • Mint imperials

And if you prefer to be talked at, Richard Bradford, founder of Disquiet Dog, will also be taking part in the panel discussion on digital marketing.

Of course, if you’re not invited to the IALC Boston Workshop, or you simply cannot wait to unearth your digital destiny, you can always… get in touch here.