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A new website and app for Pinnacle Performance Company

Our digital audits, a new website and app transformed online performance for Pinnacle, a multi-award-winning worldwide industry leader in training people.

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Presenting Pinnacle Performance Company!

Pinnacle is one of those intimidatingly good companies to work with. They are the multi-award-winning worldwide industry leaders in training people how to present themselves to others. You can only imagine what it’s like pitching your ideas to the whole company!

They are some of the most friendly, supportive and enthusiastic people out there, and they've earned their top position in the industry with good reason. Through a smart, intention-based approach, they take individuals and whole divisions of organisations through a tried and tested process from zero to hero in the field of interpersonal communication.

The challenging bits


Pinnacle’s website was weary and difficult to navigate, and it wasn’t generating the kind of leads they were looking for. Plus it failed to communicate just how awesome the training experience really was. The team wanted to create their own content any time, with no fuss and no expertise.

Learning management system

Pinnacle had been quietly creating lots of great digital content for participants to access after their face-to-face workshops. However, those amazing online exercises, videos and tips were locked away in a library. As clients nowadays demand blended learning solutions, it became an urgent requirement that online content could be more integral to the learning process.

Handy app

To ensure users could access Pinnacle’s online content literally anywhere and at any time, the Pinnacle team decided they’d like an app that would work across all devices. Many of Pinnacle’s executive clients spent a lot of time on the road and in planes: a great time to sit back and improve their presentation skills ahead of the next conference or public event.

What we did

The Disquiet Dog team worked intensively with Pinnacle to get to know the team and understand their digital landscape, their current online positioning and the opportunities befitting such a major organisation. We devised a light and spacious new website as per the brief, but also one that had the most straightforward drag-and-drop, modular content management system (CMS). The Disquiet Dog team used a custom CMS that would allow the team to create and change pages with literally zero development requirement. Any time they needed a brand new design element, it'd be quick to build and insert into the existing system.

Additionally, we prototyped a whole new learning journey approach for Pinnacle’s already outstanding materials. The switch was to put the user at the heart of each programme. Under our design and guidance, Pinnacle’s own in-house team implemented the system. Programmes are now almost infinitely customisable for individuals, groups, or whole companies. The app is the final piece of the puzzle, drawing data from the new learning management system and making it available offline as an independent piece of kit.

What difference did we make?

Here’s Gerri from Pinnacle Performance Company:

Within a few weeks of launching our new content strategy with Disquiet Dog, we were contacted by two significant new clients that came through the work Richard’s team had completed. This quickly made us realise just how the website could help us reach out to the very clients who need us. The neat difference with this approach is that it means we’re always there when a client decides to seek us out. This complements the other outreach work we do via international learning fairs and conferences.

We still want to do more in terms of generating extra content for the site, but it feels like we’ve been able to really ‘up our game’ on the digital side of things, which has been so important for such an innovative company.

Working with the team at Disquiet Dog is enlightening, fun, scary and always worthwhile.

Richard pushes us to think further and always brings innovative ideas to the table. He isn’t afraid to be brutally honest when we need to hear it. Everyone is professional and always looking out for what is best (even if it means saying no sometimes.

I wish I always had them behind me to guide and challenge me.

If anyone is thinking of using Disquiet Dog for help with their digital strategy, I’d say do it if you want results and you enjoy working with a fun, creative professional group of people.

The thing that is so different about Disquiet Dog is that they are able to provide the creative and technical expertise to really see results. Oh, and they are incredibly patient.

Gerri Leon, EVP Marketing and Operations, Pinnacle Performance Company
Photo of Gerri Leon