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SEO, keyword & competitor audit

If you want to appear higher in search engine rankings and drive more direct clients to your programmes, that work starts here. BTW, click here on "What is SEO, and how does it work?" if you need to understand why this work is important.

We utterly love this audit. And when you've been in the digital dark and then suddenly see the sunshine again, we love your reaction too. No other audit will give you more insight. It'll become immediately apparent what you need to do when you get the results back. We call it your digital blueprint. Naff, but true.

SEO, keyword & competitor audit

First, we learn a little about you, your organisation and your overall strategy. Don't worry, it won't take an age, but if you like to talk, we love to listen. We can bundle this bit up in an online survey if you're really pressed for time.

Then we go away and create a handpicked list of keywords pertaining just to you. We're talking thousands or even tens of thousands of keywords. All for you.

What does this audit give us?

At the end of the process, you get:

  • A detailed understanding of exactly how you rank online
  • Clarity on precisely where to focus your efforts when it comes to online marketing
  • Recommended content to write to help boost your positioning, down to keywords and meta descriptions

What else?

  • We'll do a handover session to help you get going
  • This will literally shape your whole digital strategy – isn't that enough?

With this audit, most education providers have probably six months to a year’s worth of work. We can also give you some strong ideas on how to use your own staff to create the content for you too, or better still, send everyone on the digital marketing bootcamp.

  • OK, and you can have a cuddly disquiet dog too. No really, we have those... just ask after the audit ;o)

How long does it take?

The SEO, Keyword & Competitor Audit typically take around 4-8 days to complete per establishment or per website. The exact duration depends on the complexity of the audit, and what you'd like to include or exclude.

How do we proceed?

We'll have a chat to see if it feels right for us both. It might not be for now, you might not have the budget or resources to implement the resulting strategy. If we don't think this is the right thing for you to do, we will tell you.

If all is good, here's the process:

  1. We'll send a proposal with a range of options
  2. Pick the option you'd like, and we'll send an online Order Form
  3. We spring into action
  4. You get your audit back (usually several weeks later - we do get booked up)
  5. We arrange to meet to hand over the findings properly

We do achieve some fantastic returns on investment for our learning and educational development clients. You can read some case studies here

Ask any question about the SEO, Keyword & Competitor Audit or request an initial (pester-free) conversation.

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