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Website technical audit

Once we’ve completed the SEO, keyword & competitor audit, this one is usually next in line. Of all the audits we conduct, this one will give you the fastest return on investment. If the SEO audit gives you the blueprint for your digital strategy, this one gives you the optimisation plan for your whole website. Let the magic happen.

Website technical audit

Your website should be your sales beast – it needs to be found on Google for those searches we know to be important to your potential clients (identified in the SEO audit). Now, you might be planning to redevelop your whole website, because frankly you’re sick of it and it doesn’t seem as pretty as that competitor site you’ve always got your eye on. Well, complete this audit and you may well find – to your accountant’s delight – that you don’t need to bother just yet.

Read about how we generated a 608% return on investment before even getting to a site revamp, just by conducting our audits and implementing a content plan.

Why is this audit important?

Your website needs to be structured in a certain way and contain certain pages for it to rank well. There's the information that's visible to the casual browser in the form of your site content, and there's lots of meta information hidden from view in your site’s code base. We ensure your meta data is as optimised as your content to tell Google directly what it needs to know about your site to position it appropriately in search engine results pages.

What does this audit give us?

You’ll get:

  • New page recommendations that tie in with the keywords and online searches we know are important to you
  • New site architecture detailing the recommended page hierarchy
  • Recommended optimised meta data to apply to all pages
  • An exhaustive fix list of coding or other niggles
  • Best-practice recommendations around layout, user experience and calls to action

What else?

You’ll get a full report, written in straightforward language, explaining the big opportunities and quick fixes to get more leverage and return on investment from your site. This will help you to decide:

  • What work you could conduct in-house
  • What work you need to approach your developers about
  • What you might like us to do for you

There must be more!

Yes, there's more. If you do decide you're going to change the website, the content of this audit is like gold dust to your developers. You'll be handing them the entire site map and metadata, and you'll be able to get all the content written at the same time they're doing the design and development. Ask them if this would be useful. They'll fall off their chairs. Having a thought-through plan for your future site removes the risk of your new site bombing on launch. Get to work on the recommended content and it also means you could actually launch the site on schedule. Unheard of...

And most importantly, you can make a strong decision on whether now is actually the right time to change your site, or whether you could save money and get a big return on investment by fixing the issues first. Nine times out of ten, we think this is the best strategy.

How long does it take?

The website technical audit typically takes between four and ten days to complete per website. The exact duration depends on the complexity of the audit and what you'd like to include or exclude.

How will we get the fat return on investment?

  • The audit could save or postpone the need for a new website, saving tens of thousands of pounds
  • Improving the site content first will bring in more visitors, improve positioning AND boost conversion
  • When it comes to changing your website, so much will be done in advance that the website build will cost you less
  • One or two new bookings may well cover the cost of the work

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