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How to develop your company’s tone of voice

A man with a beard and mohican hair style wearing a yellow T-shirt is looking directly into the camera whilst holding a yellow and white megaphone to his mouth. He's pictured on a plain turquoise background. The image  is being used to suggest a casual tone of voice in corporate communications.
By Jimmy Leach,

Comms: It might well always get relegated to the bottom of your list, but getting your tone of voice right is not that complicated, and you probably have most of it in your head already. Get it down in a form that others can use it, and precious time will be saved.

The easy mistakes to avoid with your email marketing

An image of a cases of the tinned food SPAM, piled up so that that is literally all you can see in teh photo. Each tin has the word SPAM written clearly in yellow, on a blue background with an indistinct photo of the heavily processed meet slices. Spam in this image is suggesting that email marketing can sometimes be dealt with as spam, i.e. something unwanted and treated as junk.
By Jimmy Leach,

Email marketing: Whatever you think of an inbox rammed with emails from organisations you love, like or vaguely know, email marketing isn't going anywhere any time soon. And with the post-pandemic need to crank up sales, it might be you need to reengage with it.

Can influencer marketing work for you?

A young woman with a big smile, speaking energetically presumably into a camera. We think she's a social media influencer. She's wearing a grey T-shirt, and orange dungarees. In the background is a white wall with a selection of plants growing down from several small wall-mounted wire and glass terrariums.
By Jimmy Leach,

Strategy: Influencers are certainly a way to steer new traffic to your own marketing collateral, but for all the work involved in setting it up, you need to make sure there's going to be a return at the end of the day. We prod and poke the model.