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Disquiet Dog blog issues essential press release guidance

By Jimmy Leach,

PR: Here you'll find the essentials you need to get your press release picked up and distributed. As with much of marketing and communications, targeting is everything. Above all, be realistic and altruistic.

Newsletters: where shall we start?

By Mar Marti,

Strategy: Email marketing in the form of newsletters is strategic as well as tactical. The more thought that goes in, the better the outcomes. Which, incidentally, you should be measuring and reporting on. Mar tackles this terrier style. Buckle up.

Traditional comms vs digital comms - how to choose when it's all gone digital

By Richard Bradford,

With everything seemingly going digital, it’s a fair question to ask whether the old stuff still counts for anything, but first, What do we mean by traditional and digital communications? We’re talking about the sum total of offline communication activities which form part of your comms strategy.…