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Dog jokes

The funniest 5 dog jokes, or can you do better?

User generated content: 5 easy ways to get it from international students

Definition User generated content is any form of digital content which has been created by the people using or experiencing your product or service, as opposed to the people selling, promoting or managing it. In the field of education, we’re talking about content produced by students and teachers…

The Digital Clinic: a mobile clinic for digital culture change events

What is the Digital Clinic? It’s a pop-up-clinic which we can bring to you, to provide you with a physical space in which to help your staff get to grips with the implications of digital change. What’s the purpose of the Digital Clinic? At Disquiet Dog, we believe that the only way to ensure your…

Disquiet Dog HQ hijacked by feline interloper

On 1st April, 2017, Disquiet Dog HQ on the south coast of England was infiltrated by a cat burglar. Closed-circuit television equipment captured the moment that the feline interloper broke in and went on a rampage.