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How to make sure your communications person has the power

An image of a strong female body builder with short, bright red hair looking straight into the camera lens with a deterimined look in her eyes. She's wearing a white T-shirt which exposes a colourful sleeve tattoo. She is tensing her bicep to show her muscles.
By Jimmy Leach,

Comms: Many clients see comms as a luxury nice-to-have once the other marketing things have happened. But by not assigning centralised control of comms to someone, you risk depowering all other attempts at being heard. That makes no sense. We pose 11 questions to help you rethink.

Why case studies are a crucial part of your marketing

By Jimmy Leach,

Marketing tactics: Telling a story about your clients, or better still, having them tell it, brings what you do to life in a way that your next customer can hopefully relate to. Plus, find out how a picture of sausage rolls made it into the header.