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It's important to stop and think alongside doing the doing. If anything here sparks joy, please like or share it, or let us know. If you hoped to find something specific, let us know and we'll write it just for you.

The Digital Clinic: a mobile clinic for digital culture change events

By Richard Bradford,

What is the Digital Clinic? It’s a pop-up-clinic which we can bring to you, to provide you with a physical space in which to help your staff get to grips with the implications of digital change. What’s the purpose of the Digital Clinic? At Disquiet Dog, we believe that the only way to ensure your…

Should I translate my website for Google? A guide for language schools.

By Richard Bradford,

At the IALC conference in Boston 2017, and again at StudyWorld London 2017, the inpatients at the Disquiet Dog Digital Clinic were owners and directors of some of the top language schools around the world. The question we got asked the most was “Should I translate my website?”

Disquiet Dog HQ hijacked by feline interloper

By Richard Bradford,

On 1st April, 2017, Disquiet Dog HQ on the south coast of England was infiltrated by a cat burglar. Closed-circuit television equipment captured the moment that the feline interloper broke in and went on a rampage.

Effective marketing strategies for schools: why everything might need to change

By Richard Bradford,

Often when setting a strategy for a school there will be a tendency to either largely base this on previous years and do more of the same, or attempt something new and innovative. But both of these approaches are flawed if they don’t really latch on the prime educational objective – to inspire the…

How to market training courses digitally: 5 fresh synergies

By Richard Bradford,

However your training course is delivered, there are some good opportunities to use the digital space more effectively for some proper marketing activities rather than simply thinking of the online environment purely as a selling space. And by combining your staff’s skills and abilities with strong…