1. Work

We ensured that Blast Science’s business development went with a bang

Lydia Samuel founded the award-winning Blast Science with the late great Brad Gross, and over 6 successful years they entertained some 30,000 children in 175 schools across the south east of England with their stunning, uplifting school science shows, science parties and public shows.

Two presenters dressed in lab coats look on excitedly at the small explosion created as a gas is set alight.
Lydia Samuel with Pip Henderson, from Blast Science

On seeing Blast Science's glittering, space-themed show, Star Force, in Brighton, comedian and presenter of the Infinite Monkey Cage, Robin Ince was moved to say

Entertaining children can be like seeing chaos theory in action - never have I seen so many kids beguiled by an explanation of the fabric of space time.

Robin Ince

The Challenge

On stage Brad, Lydia, Pip and the other gifted presenters were invincible, but behind the scenes they needed to develop a more robust business model to ensure the work they undertook for their educator clients, including a majority of state sector schools, was profitable even when school budgets were low.

What we did

For five of the six years Blast Science operated, Disquiet Dog provided extensive consultancy support to coach the directors through the different aspects of marketing and business management, including:

  • Marketing and promotion
  • Strategic business development
  • Help with pitches and presentations
  • Market and pricing analysis
  • Development of profit and loss forecasting and objective setting

How did it help?

Here’s Lydia:

Richard and team provided us with the clarity and expertise to help the behind the scenes stuff to stand on its own two feet. This contributed significantly to our business growth and visibility. They were always on hand through a mixture of face-to-face meetings, emails and texts (at all hours!!) to give us the support and confidence we needed to push forwards and grow Blast Science into the award-winning success it became. The turning point for us was when we started winning pitches for large-scale events and our word-of-mouth recommendation went through the roof.

Disquiet Dog will tell you what you need to hear which may not necessarily be what you want to hear! But they approach the challenge carefully and sensitively, and help you to develop a clear vision of what success will look like, and then provide bags of friendly support to get you there.

What struck us the most was that they always were looking for ways to get us to work smarter and save time, and do more of what would make the biggest difference ourselves. It’s beyond sad that Brad is no longer with us, and that Blast Science has put away its fireballs and drum kit for good, but we had a great run, and we’re grateful for Disquiet Dog’s significant contribution to that success.

Lydia Samuel, Director, Blast Science
Photo of Lydia Samuel

The inimitable, larger than life, late Brad Gross, co-founder of Blast Science. Sorely missed, never forgotten.

Here are the services Blast Science used to get their custom solution: