1. Services

Digital consultancy

We provide digital marketing consultancy as one-off digital marketing coaching sessions and in the form of ongoing monthly support. Depending on your role, your resources and your priorities, we can do the digital marketing for you, or empower you over time to do it all yourself.

Book a digital consultancy session with Disquiet Dog

A quick, incisive digital marketing consultancy session could provide you with:

  • An external set of eyes on your current operation, team or division's performance
  • A quality check that your current agency is performing as well as they say they are
  • Some guidance on how to do digital marketing and where to start
  • Some high-level strategic thinking time
  • A quick understanding of where you're at, and what you could do next.

Choose between a 1-hour and a 3-hour session, or if you'd like something more bespoke, please get in touch.

Digital consultancy with Disquiet Dog

As well as our one-off sessions, we provide ongoing support from two days a month with no upper limit. We always seek to hand over knowledge and insights as quickly as possible, so we build your independence as we go. With a background in education, we're all about training you up and empowering you. It also means we're here to make it simple and straightforward. No bamboozlers here.

Here are some other popular options:

Flying visit

Sometimes all you need is a couple of days of external consultancy to give you an outside view of what's working and what isn't. Every intervention is different. We can interview your entire workforce and provide in-depth analysis, or we can simply talk to you and provide you with a full set of recommendations.

Short-term support

It could that you’re a member of staff down and you're struggling to recruit. We give you a few months’ full-time support till you get going again. We implement a plan that meets your objectives, then hand over and train up the new person or team.

Monthly support - MOST POPULAR

We agree on a bundle of days per month, and plan an hour-by-hour plan of action with you, to work towards specific outcomes which will prioritise a return on investment. This is the most frequently selected approach. You can read some of our case studies and success stories if you like.

Please do get in touch to discuss any of these options.

Larger scale interventions

Digital transformation

You might be trying to become a more digitally minded organisation, in which case we can help you to deploy an organisation-wide strategy, then support and train your staff through the transition.

Full digital renewal

We conduct our in-depth digital audits before recommending and/or implementing a total transformation of your approach to digital, from website and social media, to branding and digital communications.

Website redevelopment

We help you get your new website sorted, like with LSI Portsmouth.

Covering specific job roles

We provide all the following roles to your organisation on an ad-hoc or ongoing basis:

  • Head of Digital to sit in meetings and provide digital leadership and connect with your senior team.
  • SEO Manager to monitor and track your online presence and guide the team to success
  • Content Manager to help you define a content strategy and optimise your setup to deliver one
  • Blog Editor to create and curate relevant blog content for your audience
  • Content Editor to provide quality control and guidance for your in-house writers
  • Content Writer to work out what to write and then write it for you
  • Social Media Manager to make sure your social strategy supports your business’s commercial objectives while building a community
  • Google Analyst to ensure your team is acting on the right insights and data

We're good listeners, and we're here to help, if we can. Get in touch if you'd like to start talking.