1. Services

Digital audits

With so many free tools online, you might be wondering why we'd expect you to pay for an audit. It's a fair question.

Well, we've tested the free tools, and we've tested some of the agencies that use them. Our opinion: they get you off to a totally generic starting point, the same as everyone else. Don't blindly follow what everyone else is doing. Our audits may only take a few days to complete, but they always make recommendations unique to you, your offering and your place in the market.

Our top audits

SEO, keyword & competitor audits

Our near classic SEO, keyword & competitor audit is where we sift thousands of handpicked keywords to get a sense of how and where you appear online. Then we make our earth-shattering recommendations. Find out more

Technical site audits

Next, we apply our findings to your website in our technical site audit. Great if you want to boost the rankings for your current site. Great if you want to start from scratch. Find out what's included and why you get the fastest imaginable return from this audit.

User experience/User journey audits

If you get people to your site, but conversion eludes you, we'll focus on user experience: how do people move through your site, from landing pages to payment? We'll look at what draws people in and what pushes them away, and list actions to implement in-house. That's the user experience (UX) audit.

Social media audits

Our social media audit will provide you with guidelines on how to enhance the content of your social channels, by focusing on what we know your target market is actually looking for. Take a look.

Content audits

You can use our content audits to review the performance of your site, page-by-page. We give detailed guidelines on how to optimise the content you have, or add the extra bits you're missing. These cheeky tweaks boost your position where it matters the most. Read on.

Custom audits

Grab the extender lead, 'cos it doesn't stop there!

Post-launch checks

If you've just launched the site and had a slump in visits, but your developers are telling you it's normal, we don't think it is. It may be you haven't implemented a custom redirect strategy correctly or your meta data is poorly applied. You don't have to know how to fix it – you just have to know it's a thing. We can do the rest.

Content reviews

What if you've got budding authors on the premises, but the articles they're churning out are making no difference? We can diagnose how individual writers can change their approach to better support the business and their development. We can supply you with a framework to improve, without anyone taking offence.

Revamp recommendations

What if you absolutely don't want to change the site, but you do want more bookings. Oh and wait, you haven't got time to do anything. Yep, you guessed it. Give us a shout – we'll tell you what we can do and the likely difference it'll make!

If you're not 100% sure what you need, but you'd like to speak to us so we can work it out together, let's do that first. We don't bite.

Here's that list again: