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Content audits

This has nothing to do with us checking how happy you are.

Our content audits are usually delivered as part of our monthly support work. We do have this annoying habit of always finding something you could improve on. When it comes to content you've written for your site or elsewhere, we're not going to get all finnicky for the sake of it. We just need content that appeals to people, ticks the boxes for Google and stays on subject. Now how hard can that be? ;o)

Content audits

The quest for the top spot on Google for a bunch of highly relevant searches can sometimes feel as perilous and drawn out as Game of Thrones.

Why is this audit important?

In many ways, the whole thing starts and ends with content. As we explain in this blog post about SEO, your website, blog and social media content needs to speak to the keywords we know are important to your potential students and customers.

The SEO, keyword & competitor audit combined with the website technical audit give you utter clarity on how good a job your current content is doing. The output of these audits is a clear understanding of what keywords you should be referencing when talking about your programmes and services. But where do you put them? How frequently? How to you distribute the range of keywords across individual pages so the whole thing cascades nicely?

While we give you a lot of info in the technical audit, a content audit goes to that next level of detail, to provide you with page-by-page recommendations of exactly what to include on a page.

What does this audit give us?

Each content audit will give you:

  • Clear keyword recommendations for each individual piece of content
  • Recommended headings and subheadings to use, so you don't need to randomly make them up
  • Paragraph by paragraph recommendations on what to cover
  • Recommended content length
  • Recommended links to other relevant course and blog pages
  • Recommended UX improvements, where applicable

What else?

Well, if you've already written a page and we're reviewing it in light of our audit findings, we can:

  • Review and correct existing copy, with tracked changes
  • Provide feedback to the author, so they can improve
  • Provide training and development to your staff so more people learn to do this.

There must be more!

Okay, so we're also really flexible. That means we can:

  • Review all your website content against our recommended site structure following a technical website audit
  • Or only review certain page categories (e.g. your course pages) and provide a batch of recommendations for you to apply
  • Or review individual course or blog pages on an ad-hoc basis

Content audits and content optimisation are a big part of the puzzle when it comes to improving your online positioning. So much so that this work is a regular component of our monthly support packages.

Contact us to tell us about your content creation process at the moment.

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