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We got LSI Portsmouth's website project back on track - and empowered the team to take control

Emma Hoyle reached out to Disquiet Dog when their top-class school in the heart of maritime Portsmouth was being held back by a stalled website project. What happened next was unexpected but brilliant!

LSI Portsmouth – an industry leader

This English language school is one of only two in the country to boast 14 out of 14 strengths in the Accreditation UK quality scheme. The school is based in the heart of Portsmouth, a historic naval city with a vibrant culture, amazing maritime-themed tourist attractions and great shopping too. Students travel from around the world to come to the school, whether they're improving their general fluency in English, preparing for an exam or boosting their business and technical language.

The challenge

The school had embarked on a mission to create a new website, but the whole project had been blown off course.

The old site was very difficult to navigate and hardly anyone was staying around to book online, in spite of the great reputation and word-of-mouth recommendation the school enjoys.

It was vital for the new site to get delivered as soon as possible, but it was equally important that the content fulfilled all the requirements of Accreditation UK.

What we did

Disquiet Dog worked on a flexible monthly support package to provide the consultancy support the team needed. We also provided our suite of audits to make sure the new website would also rank online and draw in the right people.

The monthly support ranged from mapping out missing pages, to supporting the content writing work, to sourcing images, to liaising with the external website developers and providing high-level project management.

Once the site was launched, we kept supporting the team through a significant leadership and culture change. Finally, we trained up staff to take on the task of digital content generation and tracking. Something they did with great skill and flair.

What unexpected effect did it have?

Rather than simply "have Disquiet Dog happen to them", the whole team got behind the ideas we shared with them. Directors of studies, senior teachers and other staff got involved in the process and attended a half-day session to find out more.

We saw how the organisation rose to the challenge, and with a new content manager in role internally, we could tell LSI had found their digital independence.

The secret? Talented staff, a brilliant team spirit and a real determination to win through, whatever. We're biased. We love these guys.

What we love about LSI Portsmouth is how the new approach to digital marketing comes very much from the inside of the organisation. The team is empowered to perpetuate their own success online.

Richard Bradford, MD, Disquiet Dog

Here's Emma from LSI Portsmouth:

We enlisted the help of Disquiet Dog when we were unable to move to the next stage with a new website – not enough time, skills, knowledge in-house.

Their background gave unique insight into all parts of the education (both agent and school) industry, which was especially useful on the strategic and SEO side. Disquiet Dog not only helped us build the site and then optimise it, they also gave us the training and skills to be able to move it forward to the next level and manage it independently.

It was a pleasure to work with them all and Richard’s wisdom is infinite – we have a lot to thank them for.

Emma Hoyle, Director of Marketing, LSI Portsmouth
Photo of Emma Hoyle

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