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Content writing services

Without considerable volumes of great website content, you’re going to struggle to position your website in search engines. And without engaging, genuinely interesting and original content you’ll struggle to recruit your students.

Website content writing for education

The art to good website content is to create genuinely pertinent articles that both tick the box for your ideal readership and also fit with what Google and other search engines consider to be important.

Website content writing requires planning, willingness to adapt, creativity and a certain amount of persistence. It'll be important to think of the different stakeholder groups you’re writing for – parents, potential students, group leaders or international agents likely to send you students, politicians and local leaders, governors or board members, existing students, teachers in your school and in other education sectors, to name but a few.

Most organisations, and certainly their senior leadership teams, will be acutely aware of the continual juggling act required to keep everyone informed. More often than not, this becomes the job of the few rather than the many. Typically, an already hard-pushed marketing, sales or PR team might be assigned the job, and then have to go seeking content, organising interviews and what have you, just to get some decent content to work on. This is never going to be enough – not for the voracious appetites of education-based stakeholders, and not for Google and other search engines.

As more education providers seize the opportunity to grow their content base, this means schools have to increase their content output quite significantly to remain visible in the rankings and favourable in terms of their reputation within the market.

The advantage of the education sector when it comes to website content writing

The education sector should really be the envy of most others. Why? Because you have teachers and educators, and learners and thinkers… all the right people to provide exactly the right sort of content. So it’s all about engagement. Right now it might seem like a huge task to get your school, college, university or training centre busy blogging, given everything else they have to do. There are approaches, though – and they’re neither costly nor disruptive.

Disquiet Dog helps education providers like you in a number of ways

We can help you:

  • Identify what sort of content you could and should create based on your over-arching strategy and objectives
  • Work out with you who would be best placed to produce it
  • Train your people on the need to write content, and help bring about the necessary change in culture
  • Provide copywriting coaching, workshops and lock-ins, to either co-write and co-create content, or provide the right space for your teams to do so
  • Support you in the production of video content and other media for use on your website, and in the wider social context

If all that just seems like too much, we do also offer a copywriting service. This is where our singular focus on the education industry comes into its own. We understand the medium very well, and it'll generally feel like a member of staff has written the content.

We work with a number of educational journalists or ex-journalists who provide content to order and to specific Disquiet Dog specifications. But we'd encourage you to work with your own people to create the amazing utterances that sit on your site. Drop us a line now to tell us what you think you need. And if you’re not sure, contact us anyway – maybe we can help you figure it out.

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