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User experience (UX) audits

It seems a shame to spend heaps of time, money and human resource to attract people to your cool brand and life-changing educational experiences, only to see them cascade away again like lemmings off a cliff.

Now, you can't please everyone all the time and your offering won't be right for everyone. But user experience (UX) audits and user testing help ensure you don't lose the right people for the wrong reasons.

UX testing & user experience audits

Do you look at your website and groan? Maybe you know it's not quite 'up there' in terms of its design, look or feel. It possibly was when you first had it. So probably one of two things has happened. Either design has moved on and you're just a few years out of date. Or you've butchered the original design intention by adding squillions of extra menu options, pages, banners and goodness knows what.

Why is this audit important?

That's a fair question. If you've conducted the website technical audit and concluded you're actually better off keeping the site you have for now, then a UX audit can be well worth it, to make some short-term tweaks to how people move around your site. Because, however lovely your educational experience, when it comes to websites, it's a numbers game. The info that could convince your visitors you're the place for them may be less than a click away, but if they don't know what's next or they can't find the button, they'll be gone like the wind, for all the wrong reasons.

What does this audit give us?

With UX audits we always suggest starting with the top priority stuff – where are you losing people when you really need to keep them a while longer? Course pages are a good place to start, for example. With our UX audits, you're essentially buying our consultancy time. We don't hang around, though. You'll get a detailed set of recommendations, whether we review five pages or 500.

How long does it take, how much does it cost?

We can conduct pockets of UX work as part of a regular monthly support pack, but you can also book our time on an ad-hoc basis. Here are just a couple of examples:

One-day UX audit

We spend a day determining your site’s major weaknesses and provide a report of findings to you. We'll love your strengths, and it won't be personal, but it's the bad stuff we're after.

One day, £750 + VAT

Three-day UX audit

In addition to the first day as above, we spend up to two further days on selected items from the list we provide in the report where we make proposals on the nature of UX remediation that might be applied. We might focus on specific page components or maybe whole pages at a time. It really depends on what we find. We'll always seek out the big wins first of course. You'll need to get your developers and designers involved most likely, too. Oh, and we'd always recommend A/B testing a new design, so you can monitor for behavioural changes between the original (A) and new version (B).

Three days, £2,250 + VAT

What else can you do?

User testing

We could also employ the services of UserZoom to get great UX insights from real testers. We like these guys because they've got a nice setup and a network of testers sitting waiting to go. You can check out their site and commission them directly if you wish.

In a test, you could have a user complete certain user tasks (e.g. book a course) and have them comment on the ease (or difficultly) with which they did so. We can also get them to conduct the same task on a competitor site, so you get a set of qualitative impressions of how your site is perceived by total outsiders. There is some scope to pick age groups, gender and UK or non-native speaker. The delivery format is typically a 15-30-minute recording of the user’s screen activity with their spoken commentary as a voiceover.

10 user tests, approx. £1,000 + VAT

Want to live the UX dream? We can chat about that

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