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Social media audit

Love it or hate it, social media is here for a while. It's typically used by staff in schools and training establishments in quite a random, guilt-driven way. So you may hear a lot of "Oh, we'd better get a shot of that for social media" or "What the hell can we post this week?" There's an altogether more strategic way to use social media too, alongside the spontaneous stuff. Both are important and can ultimately contribute to sales.

Social media audit

The first thing to say about social media is you don't have to love it for your place to use it.

We're aware that if you've been working in your organisation for any length of time, and you're always dealing with the same client or student demographic, there may be a growing divergence between what you do online and what your potential students do. So let's keep an eye on the prize. Social media can fulfill three important roles for you, whether you like it or not:

  • It can give live and up-to-date evidence that people who chose you made a good decision
  • It can reach out to people interested in the same topics as you
  • It can give people a good brand experience and another way to connect with you

Before we get going with the audit itself, we'll get to know you and your organisation, and start to understand how you're interacting with social media at the moment – which channels, who does the doing, that kind of thing. If we've not yet completed an SEO, keyword & competitor audit, we'll probably recommend starting with that, for reasons we explain here.

What does this audit give us?

We will:

  • Provide a performance review across your different social media accounts
  • Map how social traffic is landing on your site – is it currently driving engagement and bookings?
  • Deliver an assessment of the extent to which you're reaching your target market
  • Provide you with a roadmap to improvement so you get more of the right people engaging with you
  • Check out competitors and compare and contrast approaches
  • Review your image stocks, past articles, key pages, etc.

What else?

Just as important as pinpointing where you're at, we also want to help you work out how you're going to move forward. So, we also:

  • Assess who you have on the ground to collect and collate content
  • Understand your team's availability, ability and willingness
  • Provide handover sessions to help you get going

How long does it take?

The social media audit typically take around 2-4 days to complete per establishment. The exact duration depends on the complexity of the audit, and what you'd like to include or exclude.

How do we proceed?

We'll have a chat to see if it feels right for us both. It might not be for now, you might not have the budget or resources to implement the resulting strategy. If we don't think this is the right thing for you to do, we'll tell you.

If all's good, here's the process:

  1. We'll send a proposal with a range of options
  2. Pick the option you'd like, and we'll send an online order form
  3. We spring into action
  4. You get your audit back (usually several weeks later – we do get booked up)
  5. We arrange to meet to hand over the findings properly

Ask any question about the social media audit or request an initial (pester-free) conversation.

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