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Writing to a digital audience

This programme gives you the tools to ensure that every piece of digital output hits the mark, connects with your audience and generates more of the responses and engagement you're looking for.

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Who this course is for

This course is ideal for your organisation if there is a group of you with different functional roles, but who all need to communicate effectively in an online environment. The course doubles up as a team building exercise which galvanises your approach and puts your public at the heart of what you do.

What the course contains

Prior to each course we send out a pre-course questionnaire to all members. We begin by presenting back our findings - which is always fascinating!

We look at your organisation as it might be perceived by your external stakeholders. We consider their needs and essentially use our time together to lay down the ground rules and approaches to digital communcation which will work the best for you.

We combine snippets of theory and create a space for you, as a group, to discuss, debate and then apply your new-found knowledge directly to your market and your audience. With the added benefit of our own market insights, we can help you along by challenging and supporting you through the process.

Depending on how long you have (half a day, full day, two days) we can at the very least, leave you with an action plan of tasks to complete beyond the course. At best, you'll leave the two days with a concrete approach and a plan of what content you'll be writing, how, to whom, when and why!

Course modules

  • How digital are you?
  • Who are you talking to?
  • How are your talking to them?
  • Finding your brand voice
  • What does Google need?
  • Best-practice content guide
  • Your editorial toolkit
  • Action planning

Course fees

Half-day (3 hours)

£1,500 + VAT

Full-day (6 hours)

£2,500 + VAT

2 days (12 hours in total)

£4,500 + VAT

Please get in touch to discuss when you'd like us to come to you, and what you'd like to cover in your custom session.