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We build brilliant websites

Every few years you’re going to need a website refresh. You might need to start from scratch if everything is getting a bit tangled round the back.

Disquiet Dog is a marketing consultancy and agency which means we’re sitting on your side of the table from the start when it comes to a new website. We don’t want you to come to us with a fully prepped brief. We start earlier in the process than that.

Here’s our 5-step website process:

  1. We know your business sector, we understand the dynamics, we are experts in channel marketing. We work with you to set or review strategic goals, so we can appreciate what role the website needs to play in your marcoms mix. We also understand your audience - the messages they want to see, the user journeys that are most productive, the language and tone they understand. We can help you land the key points with students, parents, agents and stakeholders to maximise your impact.

  2. Our SEO, keyword and competitor audit, coupled with the technical website audit provide us all with the blueprint for your next site. Because you need your next website to generate an uplift in qualified site visitors, and smooth the way to more visitors becoming customers. None of that happens by accident. It all requires a total understanding of SEO. At Disquiet Dog, SEO is at the heart of what we do. It’s not an optional extra.

  3. We design the website around the content which should be on the new website. That means we specify what content needs to appear, on a page by page basis, so your content writers have an exact guide to follow. If you don’t have anyone to do that, we provide that service too. The content is optimised for the unique keyword focus of each individual page, and it also reads beautifully and reflects your brand and values. Like you wrote it yourself.

  4. We use a live design approach so you get to click around your new design from the outset. Only that way can you really get a feel for how the website is going to work in real life. Our designs are clean, engaging and intuitive, so users move effortlessly through the site to a purchase outcome.

  5. We build a website that looks almost as good from the backend as it does the front. We want you to love updating the website yourselves, because the more fresh content you keep adding, the more search engines will love you. That means as we configure your content management system, we’re looking for ways to make your team’s life easier.

How much does a new website cost?

It’s really important to think about the website as an investment in your sales growth and business development. If you’re not planning for a return on investment, you’re doing it wrong. Contact us to start a conversation about your objectives and your website.

If that doesn’t answer your question, take a look at our guide: How much does a new website cost? It concludes that it might cost anywhere between £9,500 and £85,000 to build a new site for an average-sized education or training provider. Find out more about how we helped a prominent leadership and management institute to get a massive 600% return on investment.

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